Adventures in Kanto

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Author SeeNoEvil121
Date Published August 7, 2009
Fiction Rated K+
Language English
Genre Adventure / Humor
Chapters 8
Status In Progress

Adventures in Kanto is a One Piece / Pokemon Crossover fanfiction published by SeeNoEvil121 on August 7, 2009 and is still in progress today. It is intended to be one of her less serious, silly works, but due to the nature of her writing in general, that is likely to change.

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Plot Edit

Luffy wakes up in a strange world filled with strange monsters, completely alone and separated from his crew. Now, with the help of a young girl, and a Charmander, he'll travel through the Pokemon World to find his Nakama and defeat the Elite Four to get back home!

Main Characters Edit

Characters in order of appearance

Monkey D. Luffy Edit


Luffy's Pokemon List
Little Ace Pidgey Eevee

Tony Tony Chopper Edit


Other Characters Edit

Allies Edit


Leanne and Luffy have recently separated, Leanne claiming that she needed to earn the badges on her own, however the two remain friendly rivals.

Badges: N/A

Leanne's Pokemon List

Professor Oak


Officer Jenny: Viridian City


# Chapter Title Chapter Summary
1 Waking up in a Strange World : Poke-What? Luffy wakes up in the middle of a field, bothered by a young girl with a strange bulb-like creature. Excited at finding a new friend, but confused by his ignorance, the gir, named Leanne takes Luffy to Professor Oak, who gives Luffy a Charmander and a Pokedex, as well as six Pokeballs, and tells him to search for a man named Bill.
2 Getting the Gist of Things Luffy and Leanne make their way to Viridian City, searching for Bill. and along the way, they come across a Pokemon - a Pidgey! After a brief and extremely confusing battle, Luffy manages to capture the Pidgey and the two continue on their way.
3 I'm Not a Pokemon, You Asshole! Leanne teaches Luffy how the Pokeball and the PokeDex work, and after using it to get information on Pidgey, the two discover they are extremely close to Viridian City. Eager to arrive, Luffy uses his Devil Fruit to launch both himself and Leanne to the town, startling the townsfolk, and while there, they run into Chopper, who is mistaken for a Pokemon.
4 Bill - The Pokemaniac At the station, Luffy, Leanne, Chopper, and the Pokemon are given food to satiate their stomachs and shortly aftr, Officer Jenny connects them to Bill via the phone. Bill, having heard of Luffy from Professor Oak, explains that they are i na different dimension and that a possible explanation is the dimension traveler, Palkia, a legendary Pokemon. He tells Luffy to gather all eight badges and defeat the Elite Four, hoping that it will draw out the legendary Pokemon. With that new information, the group set off for the Viridian Forest!

The Viridian Forest – Introducing Team Rocket!

While learning about Constellations and legendary Pokemon from Leanne as they prepare to sleep in the maze-like Viridian Forest, Lufy, Leanne, and Chopper are ambushed by none other then Team Rockets own Jessie, James, and Meowth! After hearing Chopper talk, they become determined to capture the poor little reindeer and return him to their boss! James and Jessie fight Luffy and Leanne, poisoning Leanne's Bulbasaur with Poison Sting before Luffy is able to knock Team Rocket away with Gomu Gomu no Bazooka. Chopper manages to stabalize Bulbasaur so that the Poison won't hurt him to much, however, a Pokemon Center is still needed, so without rest, the three head off to Pewter City!

Arrival at Pewter City - Healing Bulbasaur and a Trainer's Warning

After managing to get out of the Viridian Forest, Luffy, Leanne, and Chopper finally reach Pewter City in the middle of the night. Chopper offers to carry a slow and tired Leanne, who falls asleep the moment she's on the reindeer's back, and after walking with Luffy, the trio find the Pokemon Center, where they meet Nurse Joy, who takes their Pokemon to heal. While waiting, they relax and a Chansey approaches Chopper and Luffy, offering them both an egg each. When a trainer nearby hears that Luffy and Leanne plan to challenge Brock, he warns our hero not to battle without a Water Pokemon, which Luffy refuses to acknowledge. He leaves, wishing the two luck.

Pewter City Gym - Luffy Vs. the Rock-Solid Pokemon Trainer Part 1

The next day, after getting breakfast at a diner, Luffy decides to go and challenge Brock for the Boulder Badge, leaving Chopper and Leanne, who decided agaisnt battleing to give her Bulbasaur more time to recover. Luffy fights a preliminary match upon arriving with the same trainer who warned them the night before, who happens to be one of Brock's protege's! After beating the young trainer with Little Ace, Luffy presses onward to fight Brock. However, Brock's Geodude proves too much for Little Ace, who falls after a valiant battle against the rock Pokemon. Just as Brock is about to leave, expecting Luffy to surrender, Luffy declares that the fight isn't over yet, so Brock makes a deal with him: If Eevee can beat Geodude, then Brock will give Luffy the badge!

Pewter City Gym - Luffy Vs. the Rock-Solid Pokemon Trainer Part 2 – A Rival is Made!

The battle begins, and at first, it seems that Eevee doesn't stand a chance as she gets thrown about by the powerfull Geodude. However, just when it seems all hope is lost, Luffy demands that Eevee use her strongest attack, surprisingly Take Down! A few rounds of that is more then enough to defeat Geodude, and Brock awards Luffy the Boulder Badge! Upon returning to show Leanne and Chopper, Leanne decides to stay behind to fight Brock later, after training up Bulbasaur, but declares that she'll meet Luffy again as Rivals in the Pokemon League! She points Luffy and Chopper in the direction of Mount Moon, and the pair set out toward Cerulean City to battle the next Pokemon Gym Leader: Misty!


  • Adventures in Kanto is a story that SeeNoEvil121 never intended to write or publish, however, because the plot refused to leave her alone, she was forced to write it to get it out of her head and since then has happily been updating and continuing it.
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