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Aka Boruto, commonly referred to as Bo, is a Commodore in the Marines. He is best known for his laziness. He is a former bounty hunter who joined the Marines in search of strong fighters. He was transferred three times before being assigned under Vice Admiral Tsuru, who helped him overcome a bit of his laziness and bring out some of his potential. He is said to have the fighting ability of a vice admiral, but his lack of effort and inability to stay motivated hold him back from being promoted.

Personality Edit

He is quite often lazy, and will do anything to avoid work. He will usually give any work he deems uninteresting to his second in command to complete. Unlike many in the marines he does not see all pirates as bad people. He actually wanted to be a pirate as a child until he realized that always running from the Marines would be too much hard work. He will only fight someone who he believes to be strong or that has done something he sees as unforgivable and wrong. He is very protective of those he cares about. He is a protector of the weak and has little tolerance for those who pick on them. That along with his perceived laziness are why he was so often transferred at the start of his marine career. The one thing he takes serious is his training, but he often does so in the dark of night when no one will try to bother him with work.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Aka Boruto grew up in West Blue. As a kid he would always get into fights protecting others from bullies. Most of the adults in his home town saw him as a menace, but the weaker kids thought he was a hero. He often lost his fights because his opponents were usually bigger and older. After a lot of begging from Boruto his father finally allowed him to receive martial arts lessons from his grandfather who was known as the fists of West Blue. His grandfather made Boruto promise that he would not use what he learned to pick fights or bully others. After a few months of lessons, Boruto was able to easily defeat the children he could not before. Boruto soon realized that he enjoyed fighting, but began to slowly lose interest due to the fact that everyone in his hometown were either too weak or too scared to fight him. To keep him from slacking off in his training, Boruto's grandfather began entering him in martial arts tournaments. Boruto quickly realized that he was far weaker than he thought, and that motivated him to train much harder. His goal was to become a pirate and travel the seas fighting strong opponents. That dream was quickly forgotten when Boruto learned about how hard pirates had to work to fight off the marines.

Bounty Hunter Edit

As the years passed Boruto became a great martial artists. His skills had become so renowned that many of the other participants in the tournaments he entered would withdraw after learning he was participating. As those became boring he decided that the strongest fighters were those who lived life on the sea, so he got himself a boat and began to travel. Many of the opponents he came across happened to be pirates, so he eventually got the title of a bounty hunter.

Marines Edit

As faith would have it, Boruto one day captured a pirate who was being pursued by Monkey D. Garp. Upon seeing him fight, Garp claimed that he was wasting time and potential being a bounty hunter. Garp told Boruto that if he really wanted to fight against the strongest people out there, then the marines would be the best place to find them. Soon after Boruto enlisted into the marines, but learned that it was far more work than he was looking for. Due to him always avoiding work and getting into fights with superior officers who would bully the weaker recruits, Boruto was often in trouble and frequently transferred. Vice Admiral Tsuru would eventually request that he be stationed under her instead of being kicked out of the marines. She only did so because of a conversation she and Garp had a few months prior where Garp told her to keep an eye out for a new recruit named Boruto who would make some noise. The only problem is that it was not the kind of noise Garp was expecting. After stumbling upon him training one night Tsuru saw exactly what Garp had. She took a special interest in Boruto and helped him see a future for himself in the marines. At some point while avoiding confiscating all goods on a pirate ship Boruto was hiding in the kitchen. While doing so he came upon the Jūden Jūden no Mi and ate it not knowing what it was. It was not until after a few days of making things over charge that Boruto finally asked Tsuru if she could help him. She thought that it was signs of a devil fruit, but pushed him into the ocean to be sure. After other marines fished him out there was no mistaking he was now a devil fruit user. With his new devil fruit abilities and a bit of training Boruto was able to quickly advance up the marine ranks. This came to a halt however due to his laziness.

Powers and Abilities Edit

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