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Age 33
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Island of Origin Blank Island
Occupation Senior General of the Sentinels of Blank Island
Family Unknown

Amol (アモル, Amoru) is a member of the Sentinels on Blank Island and he is ranked as a Senior General.


Amol wears a dark gray uniform with a matching uniform hat and has shoulder length spiky black hair with piercing blue eyes. There is a grisly scar on his right cheek which has unknown origins.


He appears to be quite fearless as he confronted the large group of Buggy Pirates and ordered them to cease disturbing the peace. Even when they revealed who their Captain was and how considerable his bounty was, Amol showed strength in the face of adversity and drew out a flintlock pistol and a sword to fight them. Unlike his subordinate, Amol knows how to properly asses a situation and he allowed the Straw Hat Pirates the luxury of staying at one of their many hotels until they needed to leave.


Amol is an established sharpshooter as he shot at Buggy with pinpoint precision twice to instill fear into the pirate by narrowly missing him and only striking off a few strands of his hair. When he fights he is seen wielding a flintlock pistol as well as a Chokutō katana with the Aikuchi form.

As a Senior General, he has control over those ranked beneath him as well as his own personal infantrymen.


At some unknown point in time, Amol joined the Sentinels of Blank Island and ascended through the ranks to become a Senior General.

Trouble on Blank Island

Amol appeared with a squadron of soldiers to answer the call of the people of Costa Del Palms because the Buggy Pirates were disturbing the peace with the noise levels. When he was threatened by the pirates with their Captain's infamy, he showed little to no fear and simply drew out a gun and a sword before declaring that the pirates should "quake with fear."

A short confrontation ensued which resulted in all of his soldiers being defeated with ease by the Buggy pirates, but Amol himself stood and faced them, frightening the clown pirate's life by shooting a bullet that nearly struck him in the head. Buggy decided to flee and live to fight another day instead of attempting to kill Amol.

After he managed to recover, Amol and his soldiers found Junior General Nae defeated by Kedamono Jeran on the beach. Instead of showing hostility toward them, he apologized for his subordinates behavior and offered them all shelter for taking out the other rowdy pirate crews that were thinking of storming the island. Before he could help them however, an explosion rocked the beach and Buggy and his crew showed up to attack the Straw Hats. After the battle Amol was taken on board the Sunny for medical attention.

Major Battles


  • The character Amol, and this article were created by Subrosian.

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