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Age 40
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 12'0"
Weight Unknown
Island of Origin Blank Island
Occupation Field Marshal of the Sentinels of Blank Island
Family Unknown

Anik (アニツク, Anikku) is a member of the Sentinels on Blank Island and is ranked as a Field Marshal.


Anik is taller than an average human and he stands at twelve feet tall, towering over most of his lower ranked subordinates and even Gustav himself. He wears a black double breasted suit and has a relatively tan complexion along with auburn eyes and long red hair that is tied into a ponytail which stretches down beyond his back. Anik does not wear the same uniform hat that the others wears and he instead has his Sentinels emblem pinned to his chest below his high collar along with a slew of other badges and medals.


Anik is loyal to Gustav but appears to be very jaded toward lower ranked troops as well as the lives of innocent people and pirates. He sees them as nothing more than pawns or obstacles that get between him and whatever ambition he desires. Anik will not hesitate to gun down an entire crowd of people to kill one pirate.


As a Field Marshal that is only inferior to the Commander-in-Chief, Anik has control over all lower ranked officers in the Sentinels and can command them as he sees fit.


At some unknown point in time, Anik joined the Sentinels and became a Field Marshal in their order.


Anik was first seen in a meeting with Gustav before Tobias entered to report to the Chief about the Straw Hat Pirates. He was ordered to locate Callisto and apprehend the Buggy Pirates, but instead of going right after them when the two got together he decided to conspire against the Straw Hats and expose them as criminals.


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