Age 23
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type O+
Birthdate January 4
Height 5'2
Island of Origin Some island in North Blue
Occupation Cook
Epithet Fire Star
Affiliations Revolutionary army (former) Apex Pirates
Family Unknown
Bounty Bsymbol1036,000,000
Dream To follow Tony whever he may go
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Mera Mera no mi model Blue
English Name: Flame Flame Fruit Blue Flame model
Meaning: Japanese sound of fire
Type: Logia

Anne (アン An) nicknamed "Fire Star" (火の星 Hi no hoshi) Is a member of the Apex Pirates, and her captain's love interest. She is the fourth member and the third to join the crew. She was positioned as the ship's cook. She is a former revolutionary that worked directly under Monkey D. Dragon. She is the user of a devil fruit just as rare as the Yami Yami no mi, the Mera Mera no mi model Blue. She is oftenly confused to be Marco because of her devil fruit abilities.


Anne is a young slim young girl with short black hair and brown eyes. When ever Anne is infuriated, her head explodes because of her devil fruit and her hair turns into blue flames. Anne has a tattoo spelled "APEX" down her left shoulder. This tattoo is required to worn by all the members of Apex Pirates.

Anne wears a white shirt that's always tied right underneath her breast, black short shorts, black sandles, and she alway wears a different kind of hat since the previous ones are always turned into ash whenever she gets mad.


Anne is a fun loving girl that can be easily mistaken for a D because of care freeness, her love of food, and her acts of being clumsy. Anne shows to have fear when meetting a "weird" creature that isn't supposed to exist, as she completely freaked out when she met Yuna and Stone. Anne loves to have fun most of all, and she likes to spend that fun at parties.

By some of her crew mates, Anne is classified to be annoying, aggravating, childish, and a easy scare.



Tony D. CephEdit

At first Anne didn't really seem to like Tony, thinking he was just another arrogent pirate. She even thought he was a cold hearted person, but she soon found he had a soft side and even began to like him. During her time with Tony in their fight agaisnt Zephyr, Anne began to fall in love with Tony and is probably the reason she wanted to join his crew so bad.

Monkey D. DragonEdit

Anne had a father and daughter relationship with Dragon as he took her in when she was left on her own. Anne became one of Dragon's best revolutionairs and even became his best infaltrater.

Bartholomew KumaEdit

When Anne was young and Kuma was still apart of the revolutionary army, he looked after her like a younger sister and protected her. Anne was very found of Kuma and even thought he had a soft side underneath all that bulk. Anne became completely devastated when she heard Kuma had become a cyborg and completely given himself up to the world government. Now whenever Anne sees a Pasifista, she feels only sadness and loses the will to fight back.

Alice D. CephEdit

To Anne, Alice feels like an over protective mother to her. While Anne always tries to have fun, Alice is trying the best to keep her out of trouble, but Anne only feels like she's trying to be a buzz kill in her life.


There's not much of a relationship between Anne and Ven, except that she thinks that his arrogence gets in the way of the crew whenever he says that he's the best. Anne is under the assumption that Ven and Yuna are secretly in love with each other though.


When Anne first met Yuna she was completely afraid of the fact she was a witch and that she might put a curse on her. Anne grows to slowly like Yuna, but time over time, Yuna does take joy in scaring Anne with her magic tricks.


Like with Yuna, Anne is a bit afraid of the fact Stone isn't human, but since he's the quiet type, unlike Yuna, she enjoys teasing him by calling mutt and bat boy.


Anne especially likes Jager. When he first hatched, she thought he was adorable and still thought so even after he shed his skin. Jager seems to like Anne just as much as he does Tony and the vice versa is also true. Anne is always seen riding on Jager's back, but she treats him more like a pet rather than as a crew member like Tony does.


  • Anne is a fanfiction character created by TONYCEPH. She is not ment in any way to copy Portgas D. Anne.
  • Anne's name is supposed to be "Fire Star" not "Phoenix Flower".

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