Anonymous Pirates

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Main Ship Unknown
Jolly Roger A skull and crossbones wearing the mask that Sub wears
Base Arashi Island
Captain Sub R. Osian
Type Morgania
Crew Population At least nine known members, possibly more.
Total Bounty Bsymbol101,386,000,080

The Anonymous Pirates (アナニマス海賊団, Ananimasu Kaizokudan) are a pirate crew from World Reversion. They have an unusual collection of crew members, most of them being bloodthirsty and violent with a total bounty of Bsymbol1,386,000,080. They operate out of Arashi Island in the Grand Line.

Main Crew Members

  1. Sub R. Osian (Captain) - Bsymbol320,000,000
  2. Rei R. Yoko (First Mate) - Bsymbol314,000,000
  3. Hauffey - Bsymbol290,000,000
  4. Winter - Bsymbol?
  5. Elezio (Tailor) - Bsymbol277,000,000
  6. Nikki (Sniper) - Bsymbol?
  7. Kro Akoniet (Swabbie) - Bsymbol80
  8. Tai Kokito (Chemist) - Bsymbol185,000,000
  9. Joanle (Doctor) - Bsymbol?

Crew Strength

The overall strength of the crew is unknown, but considering both their Captain and First Mate's bounties are over Bsymbol300,000,000, it can be assumed they are quite powerful or at the very least incredibly dangerous.


Members' Dreams

  • Sub R. Osian's dream is for his voice to pierce the heavens, though nobody knows what that means or if it is even a serious dream.
  • Rei R. Yoko's dream is to sail the seas, finding furry creatures to cuddle with.
  • Elezio's dream is to obtain the feathers of the legendary Quetzalcoatl.
  • Nikki's dream is somewhat of a childhood dream of flying away to find herself in an adventure much bigger than herself. Whether it has been achieved by joining the crew is unknown.
  • Kro's dream is to repay the debt he owes to Sub for saving his life when he was marooned and starving to death on a deserted island.
  • Tai's dream is to create a drug that can ensure ever lasting life.
  • Joanle's dream is to go to every single island to spread her "medical wisdom", along with becoming a famous doctor. She is a secretly a traveling fanatic and wants to see the world, going on adventures of all sorts.


  • The Anonymous Pirates crew and this article was created by Subrosian.

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