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I have wings even though I cannot fly. How sad...

Anri, the Skypiean Zombie, is the shipwright of the MiRin Pirates. Anri is a half-Skypiean and half-human zombie that rose from the dead after his grave was struck by one of Tsukiko's lightning bolts. He originally lived in Skypiea with his father but accidentally fell down to the Blue Sea and was killed by inhabitants of a nearby island due to misunderstandings. It is unknown how old he is, since he has forgotten after being dead for so long, but Anri is the oldest member in the crew. He is powered by electricity and can never truly die.


Age 24
Gender Male
Species Zombie
Blood type ???
Birthdate ???
Height 214 cm (7'0")
Weight ???
Birthplace Skypiea
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Skypiean Zombie
Crew MiRin Pirates
Position Shipwright
Family ???
Bounty Bsymbol 95,000,000
Dream ???

Appearance Edit

Anri is a powerfully built man with a height of 7 feet, which makes him the tallest member of the crew. He has messy pale green hair, bluish skin tone and visible sewn stitches all over his torso, near the joints of his limbs, across his neck, and one diagonally across his face. He also has two screws/bolts fixed to his neck, which he uses to absorb electricity as energy to keep him alive. Like all Skypiean, he has small wings facing upward on his back and his hair has two insect-like antennas. Anri wears a skeleton costume and carries around a burn bazooka slung over his shoulder and a few dials in his pockets, just in case. His eyes are white and shows no visible irises or pupils.

Personality Edit

Anri is a highly intelligent man with knowledge of technology from Skypiea. However a running gag shows that despite his intellect, he easily gets confused yet fascinated with everything in the Blue Sea that is not found in Skypiea since he never had the chance to learn about them. He enjoys building things and has a love for thunderstorms, often sitting out in the open while getting struck by lightning.

He cannot feel any pain caused by cutting or bullets. Despite that, he would almost always forget that he was already dead and that he cannot feel pain so he instinctively cries in agony until someone reminds him that he's perfectly fine. Other times he would already be aware of this and just stare at his injuries and laugh. Anri also has a bad habit of pointing his bazooka at people when he asks them questions, although he is not threatening them in any way.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

Kirisaka Tsukiko Edit

After accidentally reviving Anri, the MiRin crew left the island where he was buried and set off to another island. Anri was aware of who had reanimated him and made it his goal to find that person. He was captured by another pirate crew and was forced to build a strong ship to cross the waters of the Grand Line. Tsukiko defeated the captain and gave everyone their freedom, except for Anri who willingly stayed with her crew. He views her as an energy source and a well-respected captain.

Inugami Mido Edit

Anri became quick friends with Mido. The both of them seem to share some interests and are often hanging out. Despite their close friendship, Anri tends to stay away from Mido when he is cooking or in battle since he is vulnerable to fire.

Kamiya Yume Edit

Yume finds Anri strange but a useful member of the crew. She enjoys watching him unintentionally threatening civilians as he questions them with a bazooka in hand. Yume also enjoys his outbursts when he discovers something not found in his homeland.

Marii Edit

Anri is adamant under Princess Marii's orders and nearly impossible requests. He is the only one in the crew that can keep her occupied. When Marii shifts to Servant Persona, he helps her in doing chores and such. No one really knows why he does this but a possible reason is that he is just confused.

Mizuki Edit

Anri and Mizuki have a typical brother-sister relationship. Anri is generally friendly towards Mizuki and vice versa but he is terrified of her wrath and often stays away when that happens.

Kahlil Edit

Anri does not understand Kahlil's drunk behavior but the two of them still have a good friendship. Kahlil is usually the one who reminds Anri that, despite him being cut or shot, he is still alive and that he cannot feel any pain.

Jheng Edit

Jheng is friendly towards Anri and often calls him "Tsuki's Undead Servant" due to the fact that he was brought back to life by her. She and Yume enjoy watching him try to talk to people and getting confused as to why they run away.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Anri has enhanced physical strength after being brought back from the dead, unlike his former living self. He is capable of crushing huge boulders and lifting heavy metal without making much of an effort. Nonetheless he is vulnerable to fire and is extremely afraid of it.

Weapons Edit

His main weapon is his burn bazooka, which he built from his knowledge of Skypiean technology and weaponry. He attacks his enemies with the bazooka facing upside down and the trigger on top. The burn bazooka is a typical bazooka capable of firing cannonballs and such. However, when equipped with a Breath Dial, the bazooka is able to fire a large blast of white-blue flames caused by the ignition of the bazooka and the gas released from the Dial within.

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