Apex Pirates

Apex Pirates
Main Ship Apex Dragon
Jolly Roger Modeled after the crew's dragon
Base Underneath Raijin Island
Captain Tony D. Ceph
Type Peace Main
Crew Population Seven members
Total Bounty Bsymbol 817,000,000

The Apex Pirates are a new pirate crew made in the Grand Line. They consist of seven members. Their captain is Tony D. Ceph, their first mate is his twin sister Alice D. Ceph, their cook is Anne, their navigator and doctor is a witch named Yuna, they have one swordsmen, a hybrid, and a dragon. 

Their captain chose apex as their name because he wanted his crew to be the dominent pirate crew, and the name really feets as they consist of four logia devil fruit users, and three mythical creatures. They achieved a high bounty in a short amount of time and are easily feared. Their goals are to defeat Blackbeard and take his spot as Yonko, and to completely crush the corrupt Navy.


Tony D. Ceph (Captain) - Bsymbol 600,000,000

Alice D. Ceph (First Mate) - No current bounty

Ventus "Ven" - No current bounty

Anne (Cook) - Bsymbol 36,000,000

Yuna (Navigator/Doctor) - No current bounty

Stone - No current bounty

Jager - Bsymbol 100,000,000


  • Defeat and kill Blackbeard
  • Take Blackbeard's spot as Yonko
  • End the Navy's corrupt ways and create real freedom

Crew StrengthEdit

Overall the apexes stand up to their name as they're a crew made up of pretty powerful pirates. Their power said to be far beyond that of the Seven Warlords and possibly equal to a Yonko. It's even rumored that their captain is able to control the weather on Raijin Island. Their cook was a former right hand to Monkey D. Dragon. When two of the logias in the crew clashed for leader ship, they sunk an entire island and created a massive storm cloud above it.

Jolly RogerEdit

After Jager became a part of the apex family, Tony decided to model their jolly roger after him. Kinda like the idea of making a team mascot.

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