Arashi Island

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Capital Unknown
Government Martial Law under the Anonymous Pirates
Ruler Sub R. Osian
Location Grand Line
Terrain Meadows, Deserts, Mountains, and Forests
Season Erratic weather patterns that circulate through the four seasons

Arashi Island is the home island of pirates Sub R. Osian and Rei R. Yoko. They first formed the Anonymous Pirates there. The island is located in the Grand Line on one of the many routes leading to the Red Line.


There is little known history about Arashi Island. It is most notable for the hostile takeover by Sub R. Osian when he formed the Anonymous Pirates with his First Mate Rei R. Yoko. Now it is under martial law by the pirate crew and anyone who sets foot on it are bound to the laws set up by the pirates.


All the inhabitants of Arashi Island live in relatively normal, one or two story wood frame houses with their families. They live comfortable lives under the protection of the Anonymous Pirates and rarely have to worry about the crew as they stay out on the seas a good majority of the time.


Aside from the martial law set in by the Anonymous Pirates, the people of Arashi Island live normal lives and are able to make decisions on their own. If not for the violent and bloodthirsty nature of the crew, they would have no control over the people who live there.


Sub R. Osian and the Anonymous Pirates are the government of the island. If they feel the need to drop by and visit their home, then they will decide things upon arrival and their word will immediately become law.


Arashi Island is a rather populated island of people that live with their profession and all manage to take care of themselves. It does not see many visitors who are passing through the Grand Line, but will occasionally get a few pirates to stop there and pick up supplies and goods.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Anonymous Pirates hideout

Notable LocalsEdit


  • The location of Arashi Island, and this article was created by Subrosian.
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