Crew Name
JArmada olly-roger
Main Ship Jacob
Jolly Roger A skull with two swords crossed
Base East Blue, Leaf Island
Captain Jacob Barton
Type Morgania
Crew Population 1600
Total Bounty Bsymbol10100,000,000

The Armada Pirates (大群の海賊, Taigun no Kaizoku) are the largest and strongest pirate crew in the East Blue, led by Captain Jacob Barton. They apparently rose to power after the fall of Pirate Admiral Don Krieg and Fishman Captain Arlong, and their respective crews. They are the main antagonist of the East Blue Saga, playing an important role in the events to come.


Pirate FlagEdit

The Armada pirates flag is a standard Jolly Roger with two swords crossed together instead of bones, this is used to intimidate their victims as well as show their superiority.

Crew MembersEdit

Armada Pirates
Barton El Drago apearance Kriegportrait Ginportrait Pearlportrait
Jacob Barton El Drago Don Krieg Gin Pearl
Kuro portrait Sham portrait Buchi portrait Morganportait Eric
Kuro Sham Buchi Morgan Eric

Crew StrengthEdit

The Armada Pirates are one of the most powerful pirate crew in the East Blue; most of their member’s compromising of pirate crews that were defeated by other pirates. They also consist of mercenaries as well as former marines turned rogue. Jacob Barton, Captain of the pirate crew is the strongest with a bounty of 40,000,000 on his head; the crew also has infamous pirates such as Pirate Admiral Don Krieg, a former rival of Barton’s, Captain Kuro of the Black Cat pirates, a man known for his high intellect and nicknamed Kuro of a Thousand Plans, and El Drago, a notorious pirate from West Blue who is also a devil fruit user. Former Marine Captain Axe-Hand Morgan, and well known mercenary Eric the Whirlwind. Because of the large number of pirates banding together, the crew has gained significant strength and are currently on their way of taking over the East Blue. Most of the pirates were recruited by Jacob and his men, in order to unify all the remaining pirate crews in the East Blue into one powerful pirate crew. With the power of such a crew it would be only a matter of time till Jacob’s ambition comes true.


  • Ironman Jacob Barton - Bsymbol40,000,000
  • El Drago - Bsymbol20,000,000
  • Pirate Admiral Don Krieg - Bsymbol17,000,000
  • Kuro of a Hundred Plans - Bsymbol16,000,000


  • Black Cat Pirates - Recruited after their defeat at the hands of Strawhat Luffy and his pirate crew.
  • Krieg Pirates - Recruited after their defeat at the hands of Straw-hat Luffy and his pirate crew.
  • Crescent Moon Pirates - Recruited as foot soldiers.
  • Bayan Pirates - Recruited as foot soldiers.
  • Tulip Pirates - Recruited in order to pillage small and weaker villagers in the East Blue.

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