Artic is a Captain in the Marines


Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A+
Birthdate 3/25
Height 6'1
Weight 175
Island of Origin Unknown
Affiliation World Government
Division Naval Base 35
Occupation Marine
Rank Captain
Family Unknown Father (Deceased)

Unknown Mother (Deceased)

Kaiser D. Maximillion (Adoptive Father)


Artic is a tall and lean man. He has a well-built physique. He wears a green high collar shirt with brown pants and black boots. He also has black armor on his forearms and his left shoulder. He also wears a red bandana. His marines captain's coat is a torn up cape he wears on is right shoulder.


Artic is a kind and compassionate man who follows Moral Justice He is kind to friend and foe alike and will ask his foe if he wants to fight or run.



He is friendly to his fellow marines and like to talk to them in his time off. He also likes to train new recruits the same way he was trained .... harshly.

Admiral KaiserEdit

Admiral Kaiser found him around a destroyed ship when he was a child and taught him how to fight and defend for himself. Because of this he wanted to become a marine and help Admiral Kaiser with anything he needs.

Vice-Admiral KaiserEdit

He has a friendly relationship with her and he enjoys having her for company. In their free time she plays chess with him. Which she usually wins in because he is poor at thinking ahead.

Admiral Logeth Edit

He gets along with Admiral Logeth fairly well and they often spar when he wants to sharpen his skills. He also likes that Logeth wants to protect Vice-Admiral Kaiser.


He doesn't dislike pirates as he will let them run if they don't want to fight.



He is a master at using a polearm and hand-to-hand combat.


He uses a special polearm he created. He named the polearm the cresant blade because of the shape of the blade

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