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Ashley Young
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Age 18
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type A
Birthdate June 21
Height 25'2"
Weight 9lbs
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Older Child
Crew Straw Hat Pirates
Position Weapon Specialist
Family Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Bounty Bsymbol101,000

"That's good to know! I'm 18!." -Ashley telling the Straw Hats how old she is.

Ashley Young (アシュリー·ヤング, Ashley Namiti) is the Weapon Specialist of the Straw Hat Pirates and is the 10th member to join.She was originally leader of her old pirate crew, the Ashley Pirates. She ate the Suchīru Suchīru no Mi. It allows her to transform her body parts into iron weapons, which is very unknown.


Ashley looks like a preteen girl, but she is only 18, much to the Straw Hats shock.Ashley wears a light blue pirate hat that has her Jolly Roger on it.She looks like a simple young woman with light skin and has long,black hair, that is braided and tied up like a pony tail.She wears a light blue coat which is tied up from her dark blue belt and also has a silver skull on it with eyelashes and has a bow on it.She wears a simple sleeveless shirt with black shorts under it and wears some dark blue tights on her shorts. She also wears long black boots.

When she transformed into a iron person from her Devil Fruit powers, she still wears her trademark outfit.


When the Straw Hats first met her after almost defeating her crew, Ashley first appeared to be aggressive and a bit rude. After she single-handedly defeated Monkey D. Luffy by using her Devil Fruit powers, she laughed liked a little kid and kindly helped Luffy to get back up. Ashley is revealed to be cheery and enthusiastic but she still has her tuff and aggressive side.She is also kind to her new friends and other people that needed help.Ashley also said that she was born looking like a kid when she was 15. She also likes to make one of the Straw Hats fall in love with each other like when she ships Luffy and Nami and Sanji and Robin. Usually, she helps Robin in her plans to make Sanji fall in love with her but she always fails. But after discovering that Franky likes Robin, Ashley decides to help him impress Robin


Straw Hat CrewEdit

When Ashley joined the Straw Hats, all of them began to like her fast.She helps the crew by designing weapons with her Devil Fruit Powers, which are actually steel weapons.

Ashley acts loyal to Luffy, even though they fool around on the ship and tells him a lot about her adventures with her old crew.When Ashley said she wanted to become Queen of the Pirates, Luffy was enraged by this and tells her that he will be King of the Pirates and the two of them started fighting on who should be King of the Pirates, much to the crew's annoyance.But when they stopped fighting later on and worked together to save the crew from Puff's gang, Ashley happily tells Luffy that he can be King of the Pirates, much to Luffy's acception.Ashley gave the final gift to Luffy, which is a meat sculpture of him, and Luffy thanked her for it.

Ashley gets along with Nami, although she wants Nami to be more fashionable like her but Nami disagrees with her.Ashley sometimes gets annoyed at Nami when she knocks one of the crewmember's heads off, she usually says "Hey! Its not there fault!", which is her other catchphrase and she doesn't like it when Nami keeps wearing gladiator sandals when Nami trips on something, Ashley would say "Man, you gotta start wearing sneakers next time!" and Nami yells at her by saying "What!? I like wearing them!" which is a mostly a running gag.However, like Zoro and Sanji, Nami and Ashley may not get along, but they do have a good chemistry together like sisters.Ashley gave Nami a special gift like the rest of the crew.She gave her new combat glatiator boots, that way she'll stay safe Nami appreciates the gift.

Ashley usually gets annoyed at Zoro when he's being lazy, but does admire his swordmanship.She also kindly made a new sword made from her Devil Fruit powers and he happily appreciates it.

Usopp and Ashley do have the same dream of becoming captain of for the crew but like Luffy and Ashley, they fight who gets to be captain.Like for the rest of the crew, Ashley gave Usopp a special gift.She gave him a iron slingshot that has perfect aiming.Usopp tearfully thanked Ashley and hugged her tight,making Ashley uncomfortable for her.

When Ashley tells the crew that she's 18, Sanji didn't care and said that Ashley is more beautiful that Robin, which Robin gets secretly mad at him, meaning that she might have a crush on him.Ashley doesn't like it when Sanji perverts her, Nami or Robin, however she does like his cooking really much.Ashley gave Sanji a special gift, a set of new knives and a stainless steel frying pan.Sanji starts to have a massive nosebleed and thanked her so much for his gift.

Ashley describes Chopper like other female characters cute, which Chopper likes.When Franky isn't holding on to him, Chopper is usually carries be Ashley on her arms or shouders. Ashley wasn't scared when Chopper uses his Monster Point.Instead she say "That's...AWESOME!!!".Ashley gave Chopper a special gift, a medical set made out of smooth steel.Chopper later thanked Ashley for the gift.

Ashley like Robin and thinks of her as a mother to her. At fist, she thought that Robin and Sanji where supposed to be made for each other, but when she discovers that Franky likes Robin a lot, Ashley decides to help him impress Robin. Ashley always assists Robin a lot and is very protective for her when she was protecting Robin from Ringside's Devil Fruit powers. Ashley gave Robin a gift. A new bookshelf, made out of stainles, non-rusty steel. Robin thanked Ashley for the gift.

More soon :D!

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