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Authur Nonbiri

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Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Type O
Birthdate October 31
Height 5'9"
Weight 160 lbs
Island of Origin None
Occupation Marine (former), Pirate
Epithet Pop Blue
Crew Lucky Pirates
Position Captain
Family Mimi Nonbiri (sister)
Bounty [1]25,000,000
Dream To end legal slavery and corruption within the World Government.

Authur Nonbiri is an ex-Marine and currently captain of the Lucky Pirates. He was a young marine who climbed up the ranks but later faked his own death in order to escape the assassination organization, CP9 . His dream of being a great Marine shattered and cut all ties with his former subordinates. After his 'death', he began his life as a pirate but usually tries to avoid trouble. He is very adept at playing the trumpet.


He has thick black hair and blue eyes.He wears a white blue-striped suit and a black trench coat with similar pair of black slacks. He wears a belt with a butterfly buckle. He has a brown, wide-brimmed sable fedora which he sometimes uses to hide his face. Though unseen, he has a large slash scar on his back, originating from CP9. He carries a trumpet at his waist.


He has a carefree attitude and is very curious to new things. At first glance, many would avoid eye contact with him but after knowing his true nature, he is kind and courteous to people though he is usually anti-social and prefers to be alone most of the time. He has a craving to bread and dreams to find a baker for his crew. He is bluntly honest, never thinking before speaking and is terrible at keeping secrets and lying. His loyalty to his crew is admirable as he would be willing to harm himself to protect them. He has a tendency to lose focus, even in battle and focuses on other unimportant subjects.


At a young age, Authur was forced to learn how to survive in the harsh environments of many places, as he was the son of a trader. This involves fighting bandits, learning from his environment and how to hide himself from view.

Devil FruitEdit

Authur possess the ability of the Tama Tama no Mi , translated into the Sphere Sphere Fruit. It is a Paramecian-type fruit that allows him to create and control spheres, making him the sphere man. The Devil Fruit also enables him to alter his spheres, from making it explosive or even hard as iron. Different colored spheres have different attributes.

  • Bouncy Ball: Authur creates a large ball in his palm and throws it at his enemies. With his ability, he may make the bubble explode on contact, stick to surfaces or extremely durable.
  • Rapid Foam: Authur sends out a wave of bubbles using his trumpet towards his enemies. These bubbles can protect him from a firing squad or explode, creating multiple explosions in one area.
  • Walking Sphere: Authur creates a large ball and enters it, making a round armor that will protect him from attacks.
  • Sky Eye: Authur creates a balloon that floats him above, avoiding any conflict from below. The balloon is very fragile.
  • Spherical End: Authur's most powerful technique. He creates a massive sphere and shrinks it down to his palm. He lets go of the compressed sphere towards his enemies and the sphere expands rapidly, his enemies now trapped. With a snap of his fingers, the sphere emits a large explosions that destroys everything within the sphere. Only those within his Walking Spheres may be unharmed.


As an ex-Marine, Authur is able to use Rokushiki, a superhuman martial arts style in battle. He is shown to be able to use Shigan, Geppo, Tekkai and Soru.


Lucky PiratesEdit

Arnabel SisEdit

Authur has a close relationship with Arnabel and cares for her very much. He was the first to understand Arnabel's trauma as a former slave and tries his best to help her overcome her hatred towards the World Government and the Marines. As the crew's cook, Authur has a good relationship with her but not to the point of her giving him free bread. Though she usually ignores him, Authur views her as 'one of his bestest friends' and sometimes asks her to cook a snack.

Monty TimEdit

Monty Tim's life was saved by Authur during his time as a Marine, therefore owes Authur his life. He constantly follows Authur around, acting like a bodyguard and follows his orders without questions. Though Authur does not like having his friend act like his servant, Monty does not seem to mind. Authur constantly tries to provoke Monty to not act like his servant but to no avail.

Mimi NonbiriEdit

Mimi is a former member of the Lucky Pirates and is Authur's little sister. Not much is known about her but it is said that Mimi is alive and Authur cares for her deeply.


Admiral AokijiEdit

As a Marine, Authur looked up to Aokiji and respected him deeply. He follows Aokiji's Moral Justice and believes that the World Government must be fixed of its corruption, which prompt some government officials to send CP9 members to eliminate him. Though he has never met Aokiji, he wishs to meet him someday in the New World.

Monkey D. GarpEdit

Garp was the sole reason why Authur started learning Rokushiki, aiming himself to learn martial arts in order to prove that Devil Fruits aren't needed to be a powerful Marine. After his 'death' and act of piracy, he ate a Devil Fruit out of hunger and no longer views Garp as a role model.


Cipher Pol 9Edit

Though CP9's contract towards him has ended, he shows fear and hatred for them, constantly trying to avoid being noticed by the assassination experts. When the Straw Hat Pirates defeated CP9 and destroyed Enies Lobby, his fear towards them slowly disappeared but he is in conflict with himself whether to forgive or hunt the remnants of CP9.


Due to his past experiences, he does not hate the Marines and avoids killing any of them during battle. If needed, he will not hesitate to take a Marine's life or even hunt them down. Though, he is unaware that some unnamed Marine officials were the ones that ordered CP9 to assassinate him.

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