Bad Luck

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Age 29
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'11"
Weight 173lbs.
Island of Origin Unknown
Affiliation World Government
Division Marines
Occupation Marine
Rank Commander
Family Unknown

Commander Bad Luck (バッド ・ラック中佐, Baddo Rakku Chūsa) is a Marine Commander working in the Grand Line. He works alongside Brandnew with issuing out Bounties on pirates. He ate the Kou Kou no Mi, giving him incredibly good luck.


Bad Luck has shoulder length blond hair and a scar over his right eye from an unknown engagement. He wears a tan gold button suit with matching pants and black shoes along with a white Marine coat draped over his shoulders with brown epaulettes.


He seems to have a rather cocky personality when regarding Brandnew and he takes his luck and good fortune to an extreme when considering the circumstances of other people compared to him. He has a habit of referring to other people as "unlucky" because bad things always seem to happen to other people when he is around.


With the exception of working relationship with Lieutenant Commander Brandnew, it does not seem that he has any other kind of relationships.


Bad Luck ate the Kou Kou no Mi, giving him incredibly good fortune and luck to the point that his luck is so good, other people will suffer bad luck around him.


Bad Luck was first seen chatting casually with Brandnew over the new bounty of Kedamono Jeran and another Marine Ensign was unfortunate enough to be crushed by a falling column at the G-14 military base when he walked away from it.


  • The character Bad Luck, and this article was created by Subrosian.

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