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Baio Baio no Mi

Translation Biomass Biomass Fruit
Meaning Biomass
English Name Biomass Biomass Fruit
Type Logia
Power Control biomass
Eaten By Lucifer The Demon

Baio Baio no MiEdit

The Baio Baio no Mi is a Logia-type devil fruit and was eaten by Lucifer The Demon. As the Captain of the Death Pirates he feels that this devil fruit fits him and his crew very well.

The fruit was picked up from the Devil Tree Lucifer , from the highest branch, pointing southwest, at the very core of the branch. The fruit only grows once in a hundred years, making it quite legendary, even for a Logia fruit.

Biomass propertiesEdit

The user's (Lucifer's) body slowly turns into biomass after eating the fruit. This transformation takes approximately 4 months.

Once the body have turned completely into biomass, the user is never able to remove the effect, basically, his/her body will be biomass until the moment he/she dies. By loosening the bonds between his/her biomass-cells in his/her default body state and reassemble them as they wish, the user is able to shape shift any part of the body and/or the body itself for offensive or defensive means.

The Fruits tendencies are like a virus that works like an evolutionary chimeric mutation-causing infectious agent that can reproduce only inside the living cells of other organisms. The devil fruits "virus" enters, re-purposes and changes the cell. The new cell replicates with formerly dormant non-encoding regions active, causing drastic biological changes.

After the fruit has been eaten it starts to infect the body, the virus "plugs in" and activates junk DNA in the person, resulting in biological changes that create (and recreate) sentience within the infected creature cellular makeup. It acts by affecting the protein encoding regions of the promoter introns in each cell. As a retrovirus, it contains both RNA and the reverse transcriptase enzyme, allowing it to insert its own genetic codes into living cells. It enters, re-purposes and changes the cell, replicating previously dormant non-coding segments of DNA, thus turning the users body into a biomass-based human, capable of controlling the cells in the body to almost any extent.

By tightening the bonds between the biomass-cells the user is able to harden his/her body and/or body part. By hardening only one long row of cells, the user is able to make up a super-sharp edge (as a normal sword edge are tens of cells in width, whereas a Biomass' edge is only one in width, making it ten times sharper).

The user is also able to store biomass inside of him/her, this by consume other persons. When the user consumes another person, the biomass in the users body "infects" the other persons body, turning all of his cells into biomass, before stealing all of the other persons biomass and pulling it into the users own body (this process takes max. 5 seconds).

When the user gets shot and has a hole in his/her body, the stored biomass will "travel" to that place and replace the cells that were originally there (basically regeneration of missing and/or damaged cells).

This is one of the strongest aspects of the fruit, as it would seem like the user is constantly regenerating and it would seem like he/she is immortal. The user is also able to create shock waves (similar to Edward Newgate's devil fruit, the quake quake fruit) by gathering many biomass cells in one place (example: the fist) and then releasing the high-pressured cells into the air in front of (example: the fist), pushing the air, mixed  with biomass, and thus, creating a shock wave of biomass air.

These shock waves can be very powerful and can destroy a navy warship when "fired off" close. By "firing off" very small shock waves from certain points, the user is able to move quicker than a normal person (shock wave under the feet as the user jumps would propel him higher, shock wave from the elbow during a punch will propel the arm forward and a shock wave at the fist as the punch lands a hit will cause more damage and so on). These shock waves are called Pushes. 

By turning only a selected few cells into biomass, the user is able to copy certain memories from other persons. As such, the user can copy the memory of a devil fruit users use of the fruit, and use that memory for advancing/strengthening his/her own.

When using the abilities the users body dimly glows red. The users eyes glows red while red haze/smoke steams out from them, disappearing after a few centimeters (similar to the Lich Kings eyes ).

Strengths Edit

The fruit allows the user to manipulate biomass at will, meaning he/she can manipulate his/her body at will. This makes Lucifer able to shape shift body parts or even his whole body whenever he wants to. He uses this ability to strengthen his punches and kicks, moving faster and then slower to confuse or to create bad timing with the enemy and to shape shift body parts into blades or shields for cutting and defending. The strongest part of the fruit is the versatility of the powers since there are so many of them, so many uses for each power and the speed which the user can change both his body and his powers.

Weaknesses Edit

The biggest weakness of the fruit is that the user only has a limited supply of stored biomass. If the user runs out of this storage, he will have no biomass to shape shift or to regenerate. Once the storage runs out the user will slowly begin to die, as the body constantly uses biomass. Any and all damage taken while out of biomass is severely worsened, meaning a weak gun could kill the user instantly. Because of the connection between the cells (all of the users cells are made of biomass) the user feels pain more than others (similar to Marshall D. Teach  , but not to the same extent) meaning the user gets fatigued very quick. The stronger the attack, the more biomass and energy is used, tiring the user out very quickly. Since the body is entirely made of biomass it is extremely weak against intangible Logia-users such as electricity, fire and light. By using a lot of the powerful abilities at the same time the users life slowly drains away, meaning the fruit slowly kills you. For some unexplained reason the user gets the same tiring effect as the water causes by materials like silver, iron-granite, gold, bronze and obsidian. Other than that, the user is still affected by standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. 

Usage Edit

He is also able to extend his bones, muscles and skin at his shoulders/back area to create wings for flight. By pacing up/down/shape shifting/push Lucifer is able to surprise/overpower his enemies. His usage of the fruit is very good and he knows every property of his abilities. By defeating enemies which devil fruits matched his own, Lucifer has honed his skills even more. 

Attacks Edit

  • Baio Baio no Shield: Lucifer widens his arm/arms, creates spikes and hardens them. These shields can cover his whole body and are strong enough to withstand cannon fire and the weaker attacks from the navy admirals.
  • Baio Baio no Skeleton: Lucifer hardens his skin until it becomes almost steel-like in strength. His face gets a skull-like appearance.
  • Baio Baio no Deathgrip: Lucifer turns his arm/arms into a whip/whips, looking like some kind of long, stretched out spine with a blade at the end.
  • Baio Baio no Grim Reaper: Lucifer shape shifts one or both of his arms into large curved blades. The blades are half a meter in depth (depth=from edge to edge) and reaches almost down to the ground. The attack is a cut of biomass airflow sent at great speed from the blade/blades, powerful enough to cut a navy warship in half.
  • Baio Baio no Grim's Breath: Lucifer "fires off" a smaller shock wave that travels through the air like a cylinder, never expanding, thus making it look like an invisible punch.
  • Baio Baio no Death's Strings: Lucifer creates ultra-thin strings from his fingers and is able to use them to puppeteer people or objects. He can also use this strings to cut.
  • Baio Baio no Destroyer: Lucifer gathers up a lot of biomass inside his fist, and when released it creates a massive shock wave, capable of destroying a warship with ease. The shock wave is 100 meters in diameter, whereas a normal one is 10 meters.  
  • Baio Baio no Barrage: Lucifer gathers up much biomass inside his chest, back and arms, before he releases them in form of large tendrils. These tendrils cuts into the people around and turns their bodies into biomass before consuming them. The tendrils then retracts and pulls all the gathered biomass back into Lucifer.
  • Baio Baio no Devastator: Lucifer's stronger version of the Baio Baio no Barrage attack. When the tendril's cuts into a person and the persons body turns into biomass, the tendrils uses this new found biomass and turn the person into a prolongation of the tendrils, making a domino effect. The more people hit, the more tendrils are made. The tendrils are made instantly when a persons body turns into biomass and Lucifer's biomass takes control.
  • Baio Baio no Demon: This is Lucifer's strongest attack/form. He changes his whole body into that of a demon, with double-knee feet (one normal knee and one reversed knee, like those of satyrs) clawed feet with a claw on the heel and a claw on each toe, dark dark red skin, bright blue smoke hazing eyes, to long curved horns and vampire-like teeth. He also grows a pair of large black deathly wings with claws. Lucifer's muscles grow larger and in this form he becomes twice as powerful. He got his name Lucifer "The Demon" after he fought with Whitebeard (right after he started his own crew and mere days after he got his devil fruits) while the navy and CP-4 were watching.

Trivia Edit

  • The fruit is quite similar to the main character of some prototype games.
  • Lucifer can shape shift his arms or legs into blades, claws, shields etc. without naming these transformations. 
  • The navy mistook Lucifer's ability in the fight with Whitebeard since they only saw him transform, hence they thought Lucifer's ability was a Zoan-fruit.
  • The Baio Baio no Mi is one of the devil fruits with the most up and down sides, making it both a gift and a curse.

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