Bender Barrel
Owner: Shageki
Price: Bsymbol?
Japanese Title: Unknown
Debut: Chapter 7 of Piracy: The New Generation
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The Bender Barrel is a special-made rifle barrel that somehow can be bent in a manner of angles, unlike other rifle barrels. It was created and is currently owned by Shageki.


As noted, the Bender Barrel can be bent in several different angles, rather than just one position. This allows the user to easily clear out corners from a distance, without having to risk going out in the open and being peppered by bullets. It also cannot be snapped in half, if that is attempted.


While it cannot be snapped, strong heat can render the barrel unable to shoot, as the material it is made of is very sensitive to heat.


It appears as a regular barrel to a rifle.


While its creation is never shown, Shageki mentions that he himself made the barrel during his fight with Krystal Gem, during which he put the barrel to good use against her.

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