Black Petrel Pirates

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Main Ship The Zoroaster
Jolly Roger Instead of the standard blag flag, it is a white flag with a black skull. The skull's teeth seem to be dripping, and there is a thin bird's silhouette perched on top.
Base None
Captain Hayward D. Rockefeller
Type Morgania type
Crew Population Large and uncounted, but few significant faces.
Total Bounty Unknown

The Black Petrel Pirates (クロ ウミツバメ 海賊団, Kuro Umitsubame Kaizokudan) are a pirate crew under a year old, yet their strength and ferocity are already well known in government bases throughout the grand line. Their captain is the ruthless Hayward D. Rockefeller, an oil-man who ate the Seki Seki no Mi, and the only reason that Hayward is not one of the Supernovas is that his parents, of Noble lineage, persuaded the government to lower his bounty so as not to call a great deal of attention to him. The name of the crew is a pun based on Hayward's power, as their insignia of a black petrel (a seabird) is a homophone of petrol, a byproduct of petroleum.

Crew Members:Edit

Crew StrengthEdit

If one was to average the crew strength by summing the strengths of the members and dividing by the number of members, the Black Petrel Pirates are nothing extraordinary. The majority of the members are essentially nameless lackeys who followed their captain, who in turn became a follower of Hayward's growing fleet. Though a few of the captains are decently powerful, they do not compare to even an average crew member found on pirate ships in the Grand Line. However, the strengths of a few far outweigh the strength of the many. Hayward himself carries the strength of uncountable normal men, making some wonder why he wants an armada in the first place. His consort ever-present at his side, Fleur, is not very powerful but can hold her own with the power of her Devil's Fruit. The few members of the crew with Devil Fruit powers are promoted to higher positions, while those without are relegated to galley work.


Members' Dreams:Edit

  • Hayward may be ruthless and violent, hedonistic and power-hungry, but he does posses the Will of D. Though his grand plan is to amass a grand armada and envelop the world under his rule, he is surprisingly drawn to rumor and the fantasy of legendary treasures. When he came to learn about the treasure One Piece, he set his unwavering eyes on it as a goal that he intends to reach at all costs.
  • Fleur does not have a dream as such, because such romances were an unavailable luxury in the dog-eat-dog world in which she grew up. Her position of mild authority and more importantly security alongside Hayward is all she really wants.


  • This crew and the characters therein were created by Nettlekid. This article is incomplete, and new characters may be added to it when I see fit.

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