Black Phoenix Pirates

Black Phoenix II
Main Ship Maverick
Base Somewhere in North Blue
Captain Raven G. Zen
Type Peace Main and Morgania
Crew Population 12
Total Bounty Unknown

The Black Phoenix Pirates are a pirate crew hailed from North Blue consisting of 12 crewmembers lead by their captain, Raven G. Zen .Somehow, this group fond to make an ally rather than adding a member.Their ship is a Barquantine by the name of Maverick

Crew MembersEdit

Crew StrengthEdit

If the strengh of the crew ranked by number :

  1. Zen
  2. Isaac
  3. Bob
  4. Gabriel
  5. Vince
  6. Sarah
  7. Rachel
  8. Z
  9. Maria



Locations VisitedEdit




  • Zen initially want the crew using the white flag with black phoenix, "...since I named our crew Black Phoenix, not White!!" but did'nt reach mutual agreement with the crew.But, the white flag is still being used occasionally.
  • Zen draw the flag himself, but the logo on the sail was drawn by Bob, Vince and Z, by referring to Zen drawing. Since the captain too lazy to "..even lift his fingers" at that times

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