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The Black Pole Pirates (ブラックポール海賊,Burakkupōru kaizoku-dan) are a pirate crew  hailing from West 

Black Pole Pirates

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Main Ship The Hydra
Jolly Roger A skull with two white outlined black poles behind it instead of  crossbones.
Base Unknown
Captain Geo "Black Pole" Moments
Type Unknown
Crew Population Two known members, 
Total Bounty [1]75,000,000

Blue area led By Geo "Black Pole" Moments. The crew is a fairly new crew and they only, as of now, have two members each who posses devil fruit powers. Even with two members this crew is not to be taken lightly. 


There are two members of the Black Pole pirates:

Geo "Black Pole" Moments ( [2]50,000,000)

  • Captain/Strategist
  • Wants to create a new Tree of Knowledge on a island in the new world.
  • Hates it when people harm books and stupid people
  • Ate The Ishi Ishi no Mi and is now a stone man
  • Carries around a Black Pole as his weapon of choice

Peter "Banshee" P. Reid ([3]25,000,000)

  • Cook/Navigator/Musician
  • Wants to Learn the ancient scrolls of the Void Century
  • Hates Try hards or Cocky people who are not good
  • Ate The Naru Naru no Mi and is now a sound man
  • Uses a  Blue Black guitar as his weapon of choice

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