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Black Scar Pirates
Main Ship Scars of Memories
Jolly Roger a skull with a big scar on its left eye and two swords sticking at the back of the skull
Base None
Captain Nakazama Jaerik
Crew Population 60 (plus the ship)
Total Bounty 2,000,000,000 beli

Black Scar Pirate is an infamous pirate crew from East Blue. Black Scar Pirates is led by Nakazama Jaerik the Sword Demon. This crew started of with a small rowing boat. This crew consist of 9 main members and another 50 other members with a total bounty of 2,000,000,000 beli

Main Crew MembersEdit

1.Nakazama Jaerik (Captain) - 400,000,000 beli

2.Danieru D. Taimen (First Mate) - 350,000,000 beli

3.Gin (Pet/Lookout)

4.Matsumoto Yoshino (navigator) - 180,000,000 beli

5.Aragaki Shinjiro (chef) - 300,000,000 beli

6.Shiroto Daisuke (sniper) - 250,000,000 beli

7.Mochizuki Ryoji (shipwright) - 140,000,000 beli

8.Arisana Minami (doctor) - 200,000,000 beli

9.Sakamoto Ken (musician) - 160,000,000 beli

Crew StrengthEdit

Black Scar Pirates is a very powerful and infamous pirates that have sailed two years in the sea. They are a crew that has always been watched and targeted by the world government as a very dangerous pirate crew that has caused a lot of chaos in the grand line. They are even able to fight a marine admiral head on.

The other 50 crew members have an average bounty of 400,000 beli highest being 900,000 beli. These guys are very good in teamwork with each other and the main members.

Professions and CapabilitiesEdit

  • Jaerik: Captain/Swordsman: Santoryu, Super-human Strength, Haki, Fighting Genius
  • Taimen: First Mate: 'Awakened Path' Swordsmanship Style, Haki, Rokushiki, Super-human Strength, Fighting Genius
  • Ryoji: Shipwright: Swordsmanship, Henko Henko no Mi, Skilled Shipwright, Muay Thai Fighter.
  • Yoshino: Navigator: 'Kama to Chesutairu', Excellent Navigational Skills, Seduction, Historian, Logical Skills.
  • Shinjiro: Chef: High Culinary Expertise, 'Sogo Kakutogi' Fighting Style, Super-human Strength, Dai Dai no Mi, Fighting Monster.

Teams in the Black Scar PiratesEdit

Since the crew has 59 members, Jaerik decides to make teams for all of them, seperating them for more efficency. He decided to split the crew into three teams with two teams having one more member than the last team.

  • Team One: Jaerik, Ryoji, Daisuke and 16 other members
  • Team Two: Taimen, Gin, Minami and 17 other members
  • Team Three: Shinjiro, Yoshino, Ken and 17 other members

Jaerik's team has one member less because the combination of the three main members of his team has the most amount of bounty out of all the groups.

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