Blank Island

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Capital Costa Del Palms
Government Democracy
Ruler Unknown
Location Grand Line
Terrain Terra formed to fit towns and cities with forests and meadows.
Season Spring Island

Blank Island is an island on the first half of the Grand Line which can be easily accessed from the entrance leading from West Blue.


There is very little history behind Blank Island, but it is known that they have a government that operates outside the boundaries of the World Government and they work as a Democracy. The island has its own Military Task Force to control pirate activity to forbid them from causing any trouble when they pass through. The capital city Costa Del Palms is widely panned as one of the greatest vacation resorts in the Grand Line.


Mostly industrialized with large towns and cities, but the technology still fits the modern world that they live in and nothing is too advanced to make them superior to anyone else. Cobble stone paths have been paved through forests in order to link the various towns and cities throughout the island and there is a simple mode of transportation for people who can afford it in the form of horse drawn carts.


The citizens of Blank Island live simple lives as they go about their business doing work to maintain the peace and prosperity within their own cities, but they will often trade and commute with other towns or even other islands if necessary. They have irrigation systems to grow food in order to feed the population of the island. The largest city, which also serves as the capital, Costa Del Palms draws in a lot of travelers from many surrounding islands because it is a fancy resort and considered one of the greatest vacation spots around. Both the average working man and pirates alike will spend their time there, but enforcement is heavy in the event that a pirate decides they want to get out of hand.


The government of Blank Island is run by a democracy and controlled through a personal Military Task Force that protects them from pirates should they ever attempt to cause any kind of trouble in any of the cities.


The people of Blank Island are all self-sufficient as they grow their own food, tailor their own clothes, and construct their own buildings, but sometimes they will need to commute across the ocean in order to gather supplies from neighboring islands.

Notable LocationsEdit


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