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  • Kry2002

    Tyrant.D Fury

    March 17, 2017 by Kry2002

    Fury's town was destroyed by a war between pirates and Marines With anger and rage he stood on a hill of rubbish as he looks at the destroy town Ivankov saw him and took Fury into the revolutionary Army there he trained with Sabo Dragon and Kuma A marine then went to see Fury offering him a devil fruit and a katana saying I'll give u a chance for revenge Fury ate the devil fruit and killed the marine kusarigamae is the weapon fury uses now

    Wāpu Wāpu no mi: warp warp fruit paramecia This fruit swaps people with objects even a pin and can swap peoples soul Body flicker'''':like the haki luffy used as he knocked out the fish men Body flicker is the power where everyone around the user get hit with an invisible force that can knock them out or …

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  • Bluefox87

    I want to add my own fan made devil fruit but i don know how to do it can someone help me?

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  • WestWindPirates

    Hello All!

    Today I want to introduce my First Mate of my West Wind Pirates led by August Knight(Logia user). His name is Ren Deepwater, who is a fishman. Ren ressembles that of a Killer Whale. He has the face of a whale with a doral fin on his back, and the rest of him looking human. Ren has very interesting fishman powers. He can manipulate water around him to increase his size and his strength. Ren also is a master at Fishman Secret arts which allows him to use a number of different technics that can be used both in water and on land. 

    The history of Ren.

    Ren grew up on fishman island in the rich district. His father Moby was a diplomat on Neptunes council. Due to his fathers influence, at a young age Ren was trained by some of the very bes…

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  • Issawar
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  • Wolfang13


    October 23, 2010 by Wolfang13

    How is this site going to decide on Featured Article of the month/week/day? Is there even going to be one? I would like to know, just for curiosity... Thanks!

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  • The Woot

    Hi there!

    March 2, 2010 by The Woot

    Er.. just submitted my personal OC to the Wiki. Erm.. I'm open to any questions or comments! I just want to learn about the community here.. I'm also interested in trying to roleplay this guy; I've RPed him on a few sites, but he's not currently in anything, so.. yeah.

    And sorry to anyone who reads this; I always make awkward blog posts.

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