Blue Lightning Pirates
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Main Ship Apocalyptic Thunder
Jolly Roger A menacing skull and crossbones with a bolt of lightning going diagonally through it.
Base Inazuma Island
Captain Lance Wright
Type Peace Main
Crew Population 6
Total Bounty Bsymbol2,040,000,000

The Blue Lightning Pirates are the main antagonist crew in the fanfiction Pirates!. Their name derives from the incredible speed of all the crew members that enables them to 'move faster then lightning', according to those they've met, and the Captain, Lance Wright's, favorite color. Their ship is a Brigantine by the name of Apocalyptic Thunder. The crew consists of six members with a total bounty of Bsymbol2,040,000,000.


Crew StrengthEdit

The Blue Lightning Pirates are a relatively small, yet extremely dangerous Pirate Crew traveling the Grand Line. Currently, none of their members have bounties less then 100,000,000, including the youngest, Cedric Wright. All members are very powerful fighters, and very influential.

The Blue Lightning Pirates are similar to what the Whitebeard Pirates were in their time, and protect multiple because of their influence.

They are considered, 'Grand Line Police', by Bounty Hunters and Marines, due to their tendency to 'test' rookie Pirate Crews entering the Grand Line.

Bounties Edit


Like most Peace Maine Pirates in the world of One Piece, each member of the Blue Lightning Pirates has a dream which they hope to accomplish before the end of their journey. These dreams are as follows.

Lance's dream is to live the adventure of life to its fullest, and become the worlds most notorious pirate.

Nikolai's dream is to become the strongest swordsman in the world with his blade, Tsukumo.

Amaya's dream is to find the great treasure, One Piece, and become the richest woman in the world. And if that fails, she will marry the richest man in the world and live off his fortune

Collette's dream is to travel to every historical place in the Grand Line.

Cedric's dream is to be a great pirate with a higher bounty then his brother.

Leo's dream is to eliminate the World Government for what they did to his home town.

Locations VisitedEdit

The Blue Lightning Pirates have travelled to many locations and have become very influential in the world, however, only the following are their known locati

East Blue Edit

  • Fuschia Town

Grand Line Edit

  • Inazuma Island

Miscellaneous Information Edit

The following information is based on the miscellaneous information by Eiichiro Oda in reference to the Mugiwara pirates, which is composed by questions often asked in the SBS portions of the manga.

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Specific Numbers Edit

Specific Colors Edit

Specific Smells Edit

Cedric, having eaten the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Dire Wolf, has obtained a very sensitive nose, and therefore has associated each member of the crew by a specific smell. However, because he doesn't smell himself, he doesn't know what he smells like.

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  • While the Blue Lightning Pirates are Peace Main, Nikolai Iman is the only one who is not. However, his violent tendencies are commonly controlled by Lance.
  • Leo Hartnet is the second youngest, and newest member of the crew. He is by preference Peace Main, however, his intentions are not.

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