Boo Boo no Mi

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Translation Fart Fart Fruit
Meaning 'Boo' is the Japanese onomatopoeia for farting
English Name Fart Fart fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Grants the user the ability to turn their farts and belches into powerful gas-based attacks.
Eaten By Unknown
Story / Creator Herrdegerre

The Boo Boo no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to fart and burp with explosive results. The current user is unknown.


The fruits major strength is that it turns the users farts and burps into incredibly destructive attacks that are capable of punching through trees. It also alters the chemical composition of their farts and belches to be incredibly toxic, corrosive and flammable. It also grants the user the ability to expand similar to Gear Third for their most powerful attacks. When the farts are at their most powerful, they are capable of rendering an entire island uninhabitable due to the toxic gasses. Also, the user is immune to their own corrosive farts, and gains a token resistance against other poisons.


The fruits major weakness is that the user's farts can be stored in a Flavor Dial for later use, although that can also be a strength. It also means that the user has to be cautious around allies. The burps are also less acidic and bad smelling then the farts. Other than those weaknesses, the user suffers from the standard weaknesses.