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First mate of the Eclipse Pirates. Brenson is a quiet man with a villanous look to him. Despite this, he is good deep down and cares about all his crew greatly.


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Age 27
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O negative
Birthdate May 27
Height 5'10
Weight 117 lbs
Island of Origin Water 7
Occupation Anarchist
Epithet "Blazing Style"
Crew Eclipse Pirates
Position First Mate
Family None
Bounty 200,000,000 beri

To watch the world burn

To eliminate his dark side


Brenson was born into an average family on Water 7. Unfortunately, his family was killed in a navy raid on some pirates. Because of this he became insane. He has two personalities. One blames the world on the deaths of his parents. Because of this, this side lives to kill everyone and burn the world to the ground. There are some advantages to this side. His fighting abilities are increased and he gains the ability to kill. Also, he has gained the ability to distinguish between friend and foe whereas in the beginning he couldn't and just would lash out at everything. His other mindset is a more peaceful one. He can still fight, but not as ruthlessly and he can't kill. When in combat, Brenson will resort to his first, ruthless form. Any other time, he is coherent and in his second form. He joined James as a first mate because James is one of the few who can take him in his evil form.


Brenson ate a special fruit that has never appeared before. It is a logiazoan combination fruit. It is the Mera-Mera no mi model: Scorpion. This fruit allows him to  transform into a giant scorpion made up of fire. This form allows him to not get hit normally like a logia fruit and allows him to shoot fire. The one drawback to this fruit is unlike most zoans, he doesn't have a human animal hybrid form. However, it is one of the most powerful fruits out there. When not in rage form, his fighting ablitity in this form is dialed down incredibly. 


  • Flame Scorpion's Boiling Sting-Brenson shoots boiling hot poision at an enemy from his tail.
  • Triple Burn-Brenson grabs a target with his two burning claws and then stabs them repeatedly with his flaming tail.
  • Whiplash-Brenson knocks his foes with his flaming tail.
  • Inferno Sphere-Brenson curls into a ball and bowls over his foes by rolling into them.


He is a tall yet skinny man. His face is somewhat skull shaped and bone white. He has a skinny mustache and a scar running across his face. Brenson always wears a red suit complete with both a top hat and a monacle. This and his devil fruit are the main resaons why  he is known as "Blazing Style".

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