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The Red Beast


Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A
Birthdate 26th July
Island of Origin

Somewhere in Sout blue






Crew Sea Wolf Pirates
Position Navigator



1st = 25,000,000 berry


Devil Fruit

To make friends with all animals around the world, and also to be one of the best navigators in the world.

Zu Zu no Mi

Brook Nanbu is a navigator, and is a member of the Sea Wolf Pirates. He was born blind from his left eye. His parents were also navigators, but died in a storm on the pirate ship they were navigating on. After that he decided to become a better navigator in honor of his parents. On his adventures when he was ten years old he found and ate the Zu-Zu No Mi Devil Fruit, traveling along with his pet Kiki, a female shapeshifting raccoon fox, a species similar to the Sea Raccoon, he found her when his parents  were still alive. He was wanted to join the marines because of his devil fruit powers but he refused. He is also partly an inventor because he created both his weapons, a Slash Yo-Yo and  his Armageddon Hammer (by combining an Reject Dial, a Flame Dial, a Thunder Dial a Cold Dial, Air Dial, and a Jet Dial) but after meating with Drake Minase he gave him some Seastone Metal. He is a capable and tricky card player like Nico Robin, he is able to predict the future with the cards.


Brook is one of the more sentimental of his crew, and cries or loses his temper in moments of emotional stress. He possesses very bad manners such as asking ladies to go out with them. Despite this behavior he still is somewhat polite and some times rude. He is to be the first to come up with an excuse to avoid doing something or to avoid putting himself in danger, but ends up fighting anyways.


He has red spiky hair and green eyes, but he has an eye-patch on his left eye. He always wears a green bandana around his head. He's slim yet muscular, long-legged young man.

Devil Fruit:Edit

Zu-Zu No Mi Zoan-classed Devil Fruit, it allows him to comunicate with animals and humans telipaticly (similar to that of Apis). It also allows him to gain the capabilities of any animal close by.

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