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Devil Fruit Name

Translation Disease Disease Fruit
Meaning Disease
English Name Ill Ill no Mi
Type Paramecia
Power Virus
Eaten By Levasseur

The Byo Byo no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that gives the user characteristics of a virus, turning the user into a Virus Human (ウイルス人間 Uirusu Human). "Byo" comes from "byou", which means "disease". It was eaten by Levasseur.

Appearance Edit

The fruit resembles a dark green pineapple with swirls.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The main strength of this Devil Fruit is that it allows Levasseur to infect his opponents. Levasseur functions as the viral genome. Levasseur is immune to infectious disease; he can subjugate invading viruses while his body, composed of viruses, can kill all other infectious agents. All physical attacks will result in the attacker becoming infected.


Levasseur can spread viruses throughout the surrounding area, ensuring that any potential opponents are weakened, if not outright killed, by the time they actually face him. The fruit can be used for direct offense by creating weapons resembling genetic coding. The infected will suffer a variety of symptoms, which Levasseur has conscious control over. Upon infection, the progeny viruses can grow into clones of Levasseur, which may violently burst out of the victim's body like lysis or harmlessly emerge like budding. The clones will disappear when exposed to seawater. He has shown the capacity to specify the target of his viruses. For example, an area coated in his viruses will not infect any life form other than humans, giving a false sense of security.


Below is a list of Levasseur's named techniques:

  • Capshield (カプシールド): Levasseur creates a barrier to protect himself from attacks. The name is a pun combining "capsid", the protein shell surrounding a viral genome, and "shield".
  • Acid Sword D (酸剣D): Levasseur creates a blade resembling double-stranded DNA. The blade infects those who come into contact with it. It can also be fired from her hand, whereupon it will spin like a drill for penetration of the target.
  • Acid Whip R (酸むちR): Levasseur creates a whip resembling single-stranded RNA. He can use it to lash and restrain opponents while infecting them upon contact, or as a tether.
  • Transduction: (けいしつどうにゅう): A clone from the body of a Devil Fruit user can utilize those abilities, as well as pass them on to anyone else infected.
  • Final Phage ( ファイナルファージ): Levasseur's strongest attack. It creates a large insectoid monster resembling a bacteriophage. Levasseur resides in the capsid.

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