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Age 27
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Island of Origin Blank Island
Occupation Senior General of the Sentinels on Blank Island
Family Unknown

Callisto (カリスト, Karisuto) is a member of the Sentinels on Blank Island and she is ranked as a Senior General.


Callisto wears the traditional Sentinels uniform in the form of a regal purple shirt that is unbuttoned at the top to reveal her ample bosom. Her outfit is much more constricting than the others as to show her off voluptuous figure and she wears a skirt that stops just above her knees along with a pair of satin undergarments that are clearly visible when she is bending over, often used as a method to seduce other men. She is often seen wearing a dark blue or yellow fur lined cloak as if to solidify some manner of royal status she may have. Callisto has long wavy blond hair that reaches her thighs and blue eyes with full lips that have pink lipstick on them.


Callisto is a very shrewd and cunning woman who will use her seductive charm and voluptuous appearance to get anything that she desires. She can easily order anyone around just by flashing a tiny bit of skin or allowing them to get a glimpse up her skirt then she will control them like dogs. It seems that she, much like Anik has a very low empathy level for other people as she considers everyone nothing more than a tool to be used for her own devices and men are just as bad.


As a Senior General, she has control over those ranked beneath her as well as her own personal infantrymen. Due to her seductive nature she can occasionally control those above her in rank.


At some unknown point in time, Callisto joined the Sentinels of Blank Island and ascended through the ranks to become a Senior General.


Callisto met with Anik after he was ordered by Gustav to go and apprehend the Buggy Pirates. She ignored him at first but was more attentive toward him when he mentioned conspiring against the Straw Hat Pirates about exposing them as criminals.


  • The character Callisto, and this article were created by Subrosian.