Capellan illustrated by Kabewm
Age 26
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type Unknown
Birthdate May 11th
Height 6'1"
Weight 215 lbs
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Swordsman
Crew Kitakara Pirates
Position Captain
Bounty Bsymbol 650,000,000
Dream To live up to his father's name.

Capellan is the Captain of the Kitakara Pirates, which means NorthColour Pirates. He is originally from a winter island in West Blue.

Appearance Edit

One Capellan's most notable features is his blue hair that he keeps pulled back under his bandana. A bandana that was given to him by his father, thus why he is always wearing it. It is very precious to him.

Capellan is quite imposing, though he is not as tall as other powerfull people such as Akainu. He is a very muscular man and can be just as imposing is the need is there.

The coat he is wearing is from his original island in West Blue, which is a winter island, hence the fur. He sometimes takes off the coat, to be more at ease.


He is easygoing most of the time, but he has an easy trigger. Meaning that it doesn't take a lot to make him lose his cool. He knows when he has to get serious and will not hesitate to do so.

Capellan is loved by his crew and really gets along well with them.

Weapons/Fighting StyleEdit

Just like his father before him, Capellan uses a single katana. His sword fighting technique was taught to him by his father, who was a great pirate before him. He also learned how to use all 3 kinds of haki which he uses in combination with his sword to get some very powerful techniques.


He is the captain of a (currently) 9 members crew.


Capellan was born on a winter island in West Blue. His father was a great pirate before he retired and settled on the small winter island after meeting his wife, Capellan's mother. After a few years, the marines found out about him and executed him along with his wife. Capellan was but a child at the time and was hiding at a good friend's house, the marines did not find him.

Later, after perfecting his sword technique that his dad had taught him, Capellan set sail along with his friend and became the captain of the Kitakara Pirates.

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