Captain Darcy

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Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O
Birthdate 1st of March
Height Six feet (9 when transformed)
Weight Around sixty kilograms
Island of Origin Desert Reef
Occupation Swagman (former), navigator, gambler
Epithet None
Crew Grey Leaf Pirates
Position Captain, navigator
Family None
Bounty None
Dream To win a ship in a poker game.

Bukuro Bukuro no mi: Model: Red Kangaroo

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Translation Marsupial Marsupial fruit: model: Red Kangaroo
Meaning Bukuro is short for yu bukuro nie, the word for marsupial
English Name Marsupial Marsupial fruit: Model: Red Kangaroo
Type Marsupial Zoan
Power Grants the user the ability to turn into a kangaroo, either wholly or partially.
Eaten By Captain Darcy
Story / Creator Herrdegerre

Captain Darcy is a new captain from the South Blue, and the captain and navigator of the Grey Leaf Pirates. He was formerly a swagman from Desert Reef.


Captain Darcy is a six foot tall man with a well-built, tanned body. His hair is grey, and closely cropped, and his ears are slightly pointed. He wears steel-tipped boots, shorts that end below the knee and a white sleeveless longcoat with many pockets. He doesn't wear a shirt, and he has a bucket hat to protect his eyes from the sun. His eyes are grey, but most people don't see his eyes due to the shade form his hat. He resembles a kangaroo.


Darcy is an extremely easy going individual, who would rather lay back and do nothing than get angry. However, he feels that power should come from you, and is thus angered when people use power that shouldn't be. As a result, he feels that the Logia and Paramecia classes of Devil fruits are, generally, the worst, while Zoan are better.

When people call him a kangaroo, which he looks like, he will often respond with violence. Despite this, he holds a great amount of pride for his kangaroo transformation, as it only increases his strength and speed, not give him any other powers.

He only kicks, because he feels that if you debase your hands in a fight, when they're meant to gamble, then you run the risk of damaging them permanently. As a result of his gambling, he is a person who believes in luck. He fights dirty, and will often use  the other person's speeches to prepare an attack.


Darcy is an extremely strong person, capable of breaking boulders with a kick. Since he is a gambler, he refuses to use his hands in a fight, feeling that if his hands are injured, then he could not play cards right at all. As a result, he has developed super human strength in his legs and hands, the latter because he has to be able to lift himself in the air. So far, he has been strong enough to make his way with little incident through the South Blue.

He's also an incredible gambler, due to his good luck and natural skills. He is also a very good navigator, and is a capable helmsman.

Devil Fruit.

He possesses the Bukuro Bukuro no mi: Model: Red Kangaroo, and as a result, he can transform either partially or completely into a red Kangaroo. So far, he has not used this fruit in combat.

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