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Cass D. Seshirī, known as 'Cecilie' is a swordwoman and devil fruit user from a Island known as

'Orb Island' from the South Sea.

Appearance Edit

Seshirī is an average girl with the height 170cm. She has blue eyes and dark blond/ light brown hair to the breats. She have normally a t-shirt that show her big scar on her left arm.

She wears shorts and t-shirts the most of the time. On the sides of her shorts on her bait, she have her four Katanas: Clarent, Excalibur, Durendal and Joyeuse.

Personality Edit

Seshirī is a girl that is normally calm and happy, but sometimes she can began to be little too happy. When she battle a person that have something with her past, she can´t be controlled. She get bloodlust and become what people call her.. A demon.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Cass D. Victoria. Edit

Cass D. Victoria was Seshirī mother. She was an famous assassin. She was known as Red hair Victoria. Seshirī got a mermory loss after her second Island got burned. After getting her mermory back, she remember her past, she says:" My mother was a beautiful woman. She was always happy and played with me and my brother."


Cass D. James Edit

Cass D. James is Seshirī older brother. He is 4 years older. He is one of Whitebeards pirate and has a bounty on 500.000.000 berries. He has same length hair as Portgas D. Ace, just he has blond hair color. Seshirī relationships with her brother is strong. James was the only one Seshirī remember after the accident. Seshirī loves her brother more than anything in the world.


Her father Edit

Seshirī says that her father was one of Gol D. Rogers men. He was Rogers best swordman. Seshirī also says that he got executed like Roger did.

Straw Hat Pirates Edit

Sanji Vinsmoke Edit

Sanji and Seshirī is nearly lovers. Sanji make Seshirī feel like she is a queen, and she love it. Sometimes when she see Sanji looking at other girls, she gets really angry and hits him. Sanji past is even associated with Seshirī´s

Roronoa Zoro Edit

Zoro and Seshirī is really good friends. Seshirī know that Zoro has a crush her. She do have a minimal crush on him too. When they are together, Zoro always help her and he is sweet to her.

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