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Cassidy D. Huron

Age 29
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type B+
Birthdate June 30
Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs.
Island of Origin Arabasta
Occupation Shichibukai
Epithet Purple-Haired Cassidy (紫雅味のキャシディ, "Murasakigami no Kyashidi")
Alias Hanyō no Kiri
Burning Angel
Crew Mist Pirates
Position Pirate Captain
Family Jackson Phoenix (Grandfather, deceased)
Johnna "Hex" Phoenix (Father. whereabouts unknown)
Elizabeth Phoenix (Mother)
Mark X. Phoenix (Brother)
Bounty Bsymbol10900,000
Dream Unknown
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Kesshō-Kesshō no Mi
English Name: Plasma-Plasma Fruit
Meaning: Plasma
Type: Logia

Cassidy D. Huron (カシディ開発ヒューロン, Kashidi D. Hyūron) is a Pirate Captain that is currently affliated with the Shichibukai being the youngest pirate captain to serve with the military. He is a One of the Four Lords who control a territory in the Grand Line, Cassidy controls the Northern part of the beginning of the line.




Cassidy is a quiet individual and is very shy around people he doesnt know. When pushed into a corner her snaps and attacks the closest thing to him as his temper is quite scary. Being an empathetic person he feels the emotions and feelings of others and of animals making him a special type of sensor ninja able to detect one by their feelings rather than chakra. His empathetic nature contributes to his quietness as he feels its hard to let other close to him as he is unstable due to feeling everything at once.



Over the years Cassidy has gained a number of abilities his most notable being his Devil Fruit powers. He has dabbled in minor sorcery knowing how to use it in conjunction with his Haki. He is known as the Scourge of the Seas as his powers when at full strength can evaporate water allowing him to burn a path across the sea.

Devil FruitEdit

Main article: Kesshō-Kesshō no Mi


Further information: Haki

Spell-casting Edit




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