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Cassidy Sundance

Cassidy Color

Gender- Female

Species- Human

Age- 19

Blood type- X+
Birthdate- December 15
Height- 5' 5"
Weight- 120 lbs

Island of Origin- Amazon Lily

Devil Fruit- Yumei-Yumei Fruit

Occupation- Singer
Epithet- None
Crew- Sparrow Corp.
Position- Singer
Family- unknown
Bounty- None
Dream- To share her love of music with her people.

Cassidy Sundance is the fourth member and singer of the Sparrow Corp. Crew.  She joined them after they rescued her off Battle Cove.


[show] *1 Appearance


Cassidy is a very beautiful woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.  Being an Amazon, she mostly leans towards the bikini style attire that all Amazons wear, but her time as the star of the Shimmering Clam has brought her a love of many different kinds of clothing styles.


Cassidy has a very warm and friendly air about her that is only enhanced by her natural singing talent.

Weapons/Fighting StyleEdit

Unlike her fellow Amazonian sisters, Cassidy doesn't have a snake bow, prefering to wield a spear.  With her Amazon background, Cassidy is adept at using Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki, making her a capable warrior.  However, her leaving home caused her training to be incomplete.  Thus, she still has a ways to go.


Victor- After being rescued by her new captain, she holds a deep respect and admiration for Victor.  But seeing that he isn't always the most responsible member of the crew, she can get irritated by this.

Jesse- Cassidy sees Jesse as a reliable person who keeps things in order for the sake of the crew.  His strict personality sometimes comes off cold, but she knows he cares for her as a valuable member of the team.

Kain- Being a celebrity, she has seen plenty of enthusiastic fans like him so she does her best to stave off his advances as tolerant as she can.  She prefers that he would get the point, but that may never happen.  The price of fame is very high indeed.


Cassidy has spent most of her life living with Sakura, her best friend, and Flora, her mentor.  The three developed a very close family relationship, with Flora being a mother figure for the two girls.  Unfortunately, Cassidy broke a promise with Flora that resulted in her being banished and Sakura forced to sever ties with her.

After she left the Island, Cassidy was rescued by The Wild Bunch, a traveling band.  With their shared love of music, they quickly became close friends.

After Cassidy was kidnapped and imprisoned by King Doreah, she was eventually rescued by Victor and his crew and has chosen to stay with them on their journey.  She has slowly adjusted to living with her crewmates as they tend to get on her nerves, but she has grown to love them.



As she is a singer, Cassidy has created numerous original songs throughout the series.



Yuki Yumei (Snowy Dreams)

Unbreakable Bonds

Pirate Queen

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