List of characters who bear the middle initial "D".

Characters with the middle initial "D" are known as "D's", and carry the Will of D.

D's have great faith in their own and other people's dreams, can withstand incredible punishment in battle, and will often never submit to death or defeat unless they know there is no way of avoiding it. They have no fear of death whatsoever, a trait that only those who carry the D possess.

D's also have similar personalities, albeit there are key differences from D to D. D's are typically simple-minded and see the simple solutions to things, but do not always act stupid because of it. They display fun-loving traits and are able to make friends or get along with most people without there seeming to be any cause for alarm. They all are gluttons and can eat unbelivably large amounts of food. They are also highly competitive (especially with each other) often aiming their ambitions at high targets (with people generally regarding them as crazy and laughing at them), but unlike normal people, they seem to have the determination, strength and willpower to carry out their ambitions. Several of these ambitions have something to do with the King Of The Pirates either being the King or helping a leader achieve that. D's are also known to commonly have superhuman strength and are just as stubborn.

Initially, thus far none of the Ds have done anything truly worthy of being called "evil" (except for Blackbeard, who killed his friend to obtain power), despite everything that has happened in the storyline. For the most part, they don't seem to take sides with anyone, appearing "neutral" until a situation calls into effect their strong sense of "personal justice". This individualistic trait makes them drawn to the pirate lifestyle, however they are also drawn to become Marines and Revolutionaries for the same reason.

Another odd thing about the Ds is that they appear to encourage or ignite change whenever they appear somewhere, sometimes it seems as if they are drawn to fate that is playing out. For example, Blackbeard's raid is the turning point for the Drum Kingdom and their selfish and corrupt King was made to flee the kingdom, freeing the citizens from his corrupt reign. Later when he returns to Drum Kingdom, Luffy's intervention stops Wapol from taking his throne back. Luffy was not only able to defeat Sir Crocodile, but he prevented him from conquering Alabasta, ending the civil war there, as well as unbalancing the 3 Great Powers when Crocodile was stripped of his titles as a Shichibukai. Luffy was also able to stop the 400-year war between Skypeians and Shandians by knocking Eneru through the Golden Belfry. Jaguar D. Saul also ended up on Ohara island before the Buster Call was due to arrive and was there when it came to help Robin escape, thus allowing the only reader of the ancient language to continue to live.

How fate reacts to the Ds cannot be fully explained, but an example of fate openly effecting a D comes from Blackbeard after leaving a bar in Mocktown on the island of Jaya. Blackbeard encountered Bellamy who was entering at that moment, while they did not say anything to each other, Blackbeard seemed to sense something was about to happen and hung around outside.

They seem also drawn to dreams, for example the places Luffy visits usually result in him ending the dreams of the many One Piece villians, including Captain Kuro, Arlong and Sir Crocodile. In the outcome of every battle, he leaves them alive to see their failed dreams fall apart, in the process, the victims of these villians have their dreams and hopes renewed. Every member of Luffy's crew also have a dream they are trying to succeed with. Blackbeard also encourages Luffy to ignore Bellamy's talks about the end of the dreams of pirates, giving Luffy a speech about how a pirate's dream never ends.

I would limit the number of D's you have as characters. There should be no more than a single D on every crew, and it would be best to have only one D per person, unless you have another D that only appears in a specific story.

Will of D
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