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Chamu Chamu no Mi

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Translation Charm Charm Fruit
Meaning from Karisuma, means Charismaor from Hiki, means Attract
English Name Charm Charm Fruit
Type Paramecia
Power Grants the user the ability to attract or to draw individuals on the user. It could happen with the physical appearance, by the voice or the aura.
Eaten By "Charmspeaker" Sancar

The Chamu Chamu no Mi, is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that allow the user to have a beauty that is exceptional, mesmerizing and unforgettable. The user can attract other by the physical appearance and the voice.


The devil fruit grants the power to physically appeal to people, human or other individuals; man or woman. Though resisting her attraction is possible, it's hard to succeed, especially if she is trying hard to attract someone. This power works well in luring people into traps. Anyone who sees her will find her physically attractive and feel themselves drawn toward her, regardless of gender or species. She can also use this power to make people do her commands. People, are instantly also drawn to her command by her suggestions or mere orders, resisting her words are nearly impossible to resist. She can make them feel dependent on her, and make them feel that they can't survive without her.


The Chamu Chamu no Mi has a form of a Rose, but it's bigger. It has a pale color and possesses a light rouge shade.

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