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An average sized deep magenta lime with 8 large dark green swirls on it's skin and a runny lime green pulp on the inside.


Gives the user the ability to talk to the soul of inanimate objects in an attempt to sway them to act out his will, which could include making a sail hoist itself or making a sharp weapon act as if it were blunt instead of cutting through something.

A weapon or tool that has not been used before or not used often, curiously enough, is very simple to convince to do near enough anything and is susceptible to being permanantly altered like convincing a spoon that had never been held that it was constantly red hot.

When used in conjuction with Haoshoku Haki a user of the Chatto Chatto no Mi may exert their will on inferior tools or tools with inferior owners to force them to do what they wish even to the point of flying from place, refusing to be used or even shattering.


He cannot force objects to do his bidding; he must be able to convince them that it would suit their interests to do what he asks and objects' personalities or wishes are usually shaped by how they are used, the wishes of their owner and how much they have been used for a specific purpose. For example, a mop with an owner which constantly wishes to help and clean would be incredibly easy to convince to begin mopping a floor of it's own accord but a sword which is used constantly to kill and maim without remorse would be difficult to convince not to cut into someone.

Quite predictably, become wiser and better at debate with age although excessive damage to an object can cause symptoms similar to senility.

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