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Cloud Greybeck

Age 17
Gender Male
Devil Fruit Kaze Kaze No Mi

(Logia Type)

Blood type A+
Birthdate March 27th
Height 5'6 Feet
Weight 117 Pounds
Island of Origin Somewhere in East Blue
Epithet Stormbringer
Crew Luna Pirates
Position Archaeologist/Navigator/Psychologist
Bounty ฿35,000,000

"Stormbringer" Cloud Greybeck is the psychologist, archeologist and navigator of the Luna Pirates

Appearance Edit

Cloud is a well-built, slim teenage boy. He has golden eyes and dirty blonde, spiky hair. He has a round face with golden eyes. Cloud's crescent moon tattoo is on his right hand.

Because of his powers, Cloud can warm himself with only his breathing and rides everywhere on a gust of wind, instead of walking. That being, Cloud wanders around barefoot with no shirt and only black harem pants.


Cloud is the younger twin of the Greybeck brothers. Although he is like his brother in most aspects, impatient and too blunt (to the point where it's rude) foul mouthed, and mischievous, Cloud is the more insightful and calmer one of the two brothers, these qualities make him the therapist, although he is still mostly very spiteful and rude. Cloud can be kind-hearted, but, he immediately denies it if pointed out. Like his brother, he seems to have a strong dislike for kids.

Weapons/Devil Fruit/Fighting StyleEdit

Devil Fruit Edit

Cloud is the eater of the Logia fruit, the Kuki Kuki no mi (Air Fruit). Cloud has the ability to control, manipulate, create, and transform into air.

Fighting Style

Such usage is too destructive for Cloud's tastes, instead, Cloud opts to move around his opponents with his dancing airy, fluid motions and basically tiring out his attackers without expending any energy. This conservation of energy combined with high stamina gives him an advantage in prolonged combat. He can effortlessly defeat opponents with weapons without ever striking them, instead simply dodging their blows and pushing then when they are off-balance. He can easily dodge and evade bullets with a variety of acrobatic moves. He is able to perform somersaults in mid-air among other acrobatic feats.

When his crew is threatened, Cloud is much more deadlier, and will openly and viciously attack. Using a variety of air blasts, air punches/kicks, air blades, and even suffocation.

Quotes Edit

"Y'know if you keep scowling like that your face is going to freeze with that expression forever."

"That's the plan, Muffin-Top."

"I am surrounded by idiots."

"I don't think I should be listening to the like of you. We are enemies, Marine."

Trivia Edit

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