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Cobra D. Red

Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate August 12
Height 5'10"
Weight 230 lbs
Island of Origin Gran Island
Occupation Pirate/Captain; Bounty Hunter (Former); Chore Boy (Former)
Epithet Eagle Eyed Red
Crew The Red Reef Pirates
Family/Guardian Father (MIA/Presumed Dead); Mother (Deceased); Uncle (Deceased); Chore Boy Director (Alive, but with severe facial injury); Corral Pirates (MIA)
Bounty 1,000 beli

Cobra D. "Eagle Eyed" Red is the current captain of the Cobra Pirates. He originates from Gran Island, an island in the North Blue. He is also the user of the devil fruit Akua Akua no Mi.

Appearance Edit

He has long, brown hair and thick sideburns. He has a scar on his left cheek from a sword strike he took when younger. He has black eyes and usually has a grin on his face. He is 5'10" and weighs in at 230 pounds. He is usually seen wearing his feathered fedora and a dark green trench coat with a purple armband. In the second chapter of Changing Tides: Pirate Wars, he is described as wearing what he is in the picture to the right.

Personality Edit

He has a very light-hearted demeanor, although, he can be serious when he wants to be, and he is more intelligent then people (even his close friends) give him credit for. He is one of the crew who uses the most common sense when it comes to simple decisions, but when it comes to more thinky decisions, he is one of the more useless crew members. He has a pretty large appetite, seeing as how he is made of water, and he is one of the first to voice his complaints about not having a cook.

Abilities Edit

He is able to lift up objects much larger than himself, some weighing as heavy as 5 tons, although anything heavier and he starts to struggle. He was trained under Derek Corral to only fight on instinct, this allowed him to sort of train in the art of Kenbunshoku Haki. He has not fully mastered it though, only being able to predict the moves of his enemy every once in a while. He is very resistant to cold weather due to him being born in the north. He also is a very precise marksman, able to shoot a man on another boat from half a mile away, without using his Haki, earning him the name Eagle Eyed Red. This also helps him when using projectile attacks from his devil fruit powers to aim at specific points

Speaking of Devil Fruit powers, he has the abilities of the Akua Akua no Mi.

Relationships Edit

  • Friends

Crew Edit

  • Miles Buredo: Acting as the First Mate and swordsman of the crew. He has a good level of respect and friendship for Red (usually in the beginnings of their journeys on the seas, they ended their day of adventure with a drink in the nearest pub), considering the fact that Red had punched him in the face and then had the audacity to ask him to join his crew.

Corral Pirates Edit

He is a student of Captain Derek Corral, who overtime became friends with Red and even saved him from a sunken death. He is also friends with the other crew members.

Allies/People Saved Edit

Over their journeys, the crew helped many people and made many allies over their journeys

  • Enemies

Monkey Family Edit

Due to an event that happened thirty years before Red's birth the Monkey family, descendants of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy, all hate the Cobra family. Here are some notable members.

Marines/World Government Edit

Because of the fact that they are pirates, the Marines and World Government want to stamp out piracy, mainly focusing on the Monkey Pirate Organization because of their ancestor, but still focusing on other forms of criminal activity. But because of the fact that Cobra D. Red is a part of the notorious Cobra family, as soon as he was reported of having criminal activity, they put a bounty on his head, small enough to not cause an uproar, but big enough to have people hunt him down.

Various Pirate Crews Edit

Over his travels, Red fought numerous other pirates, so that he maybe able to reach his goal of the One Piece.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Even before he was born, Red was neglected. His father, a Marine official, always left his mother on "important business" most likely just to get out of the naturally cold Gran Island of the North Blue. A few years later, when he was able to comprehend deep thoughts, he was told his father went missing in a storm and was presumed dead. And when he was born his mother died before he could even remember her face. That meant he was left with his only living relative, his Uncle. His Uncle was an alcoholic, and spent many nights drinking away his sorrows of losing his wife, Red's aunt, so he again, was neglected, which didn't bother Red, as long as he could romp around with some of the other boys from the village and playing games with them (in games that involved knocking apples off of friends head with a rock or pinecone, he was already showing his marksman prowess) he was fine, until one fateful day.

One of the other boys in the village who helped his father with picking Frost Apples, a type of sweet apple that only grew in cold environments, found something that brought excitement to the boys, a devil fruit, now at the age of seven, Red, along with all the other boys were fascinated by the find, but then someone, started daring someone else to eat the devil fruit, and that's when people started daring each other to eat it until Red spoke out saying he would eat it, but only if the other boys paid him 100 beli, each of the boys rushed home and got the money needed to make him eat the Fruit, and finally, when all his money was collected, he took a large bite out of the devil fruit, gaining the abilities of the Akua Akua no Mi. His powers awed the boys, but parents and adults saw him as a menace and a freak and forbid their children to go anywhere near the "Demon Child".

These events resulted in the usually neglectful Uncle to moving his nephew and himself farther into the forests of Gran, where if he showed any sign of using his devil fruit powers he would punish him by either beating him or making him do some arduous task like climbing the island's only mountain, or sleeping outside with no coat or shirt. One day, two years later, he and his uncle were out hunting, he had been given the crossbow, due to the fact that the uncle was slightly hungover and Red was a better shot, when his Uncle fell into a ravine and was only hanging on by a root from a tree nearby. He told Red to use his devil fruit powers to save him, which resulted in Red having a panic attack, not sure what his Uncle meant, because by then, he had almost completely forgot about him having devil fruit abilities, and ran away, leaving his Uncle to lose his grip and fall to his death. When his Uncle's body was found, the village adults blamed him for the death, and searched for him, only to realise he was long gone. Cobra had stow-awayed onto the next ship leaving port and left Gran Island for good.

The next island he came to was a small island with a population of about 50,000, but most of those people were Marines because it was a well maintained Marine Base with a small town to produce food. He decided not to stick around for long because he had heard stories that his family had always gotten tangled up with the marines, and in the bad way, so when he heard that there was a Marine ship that was going to deliver a shipment to the West Blue by passing through the Grand Line, he immediately jumped at the chance to see what the Grand Line was like and to get to a new area of the world. So he went and hid on the Marine ship while its men were loading the ship, but only after a few miles out to sea, he was discovered. Luckily they thought he was a Chore Boy who was hiding from work and put him to work cleaning the kitchens, where he made a friend named Max Posao, who taught him to aspire to be a sailor, although, Cobra aspired a little higher than that, he aspired to be the best sailor, The King of the Pirates. Even after he spent about a year with the Marines and coming to the West Blue, he still had the same goal of becoming the Pirate King. He voiced his thoughts on the matter to Max, but before Max could say anything, the Chore Boy Director overheard the conversation, and knowing the history of the Cobra family, decided to punish him for thinking such thoughts. But before he could act on his words, Red stuck out his hand and without looking did an "Akua Akua no Ax" which sliced off part of his cheek and lopped off his ear. Suddenly a cannonball blew through the room they were in and when they looked out to see a pirate ship waving the flag of the Corral pirates, a group of pirates notorious for fighting on horseback, he said goodbye to Max and jumped in an emergency boat, while the battle was raging.

He made his way over to the pirate ship where he was taken to Derek Corral, the captain of the ship, who agreed to let him stay on the ship as long as he worked for the cook, which Red agreed to. Red then spent the next two years training under Derek to become a strong pirate, mostly lifting weights and focusing on his marksman abilities, but when Derek found out about his devil fruit powers during a raid from another pirate ship, he trained him more with his devil fruit abilities more than anything and continued to train them until a very terrible meeting with the Marines, which destroyed part of the hull, and the main mast on the ship. To avoid having Red captured, Derek sent Red out in one of the emergency boats to escape, and regretfully took the opportunity to run, promising that he would never back from a challenge again.

Teen Years Edit

As a teenager, he spent most of his time going from island to island in the West Blue, living out his secondary dream to have adventures, by raiding the food supplies of Marine Bases and once stealing a marksman pistol that he kept with him the rest of his life. But one day, at the age of fifteen, he found he had an incredible ability of attracting trouble. A man by the name of Big Boss Bandit came into the pub where he was eating and started ravaging the place for Sake and food, which Red quickly stopped with a well placed punch to the throat. And soon after, realised that he could collect the bounty on their head. This lead to him becoming a bounty hunter, and staying one, for five years. He did this mostly for him to survive, but somewhat for travel, he was still a runaway and he had no place to live, so he traveled from island to island seeing what he could find for a next great adventure.

He only stopped his escapades as a bounty hunter, after he caught a pirate with a bounty of 500 beli, who made him question his freedom by saying these words. 

"You Marine dogs are all the same, whether you be a Warlord or a bounty hunter, you just capture and sell your fellow seamen to be executed, just for a quick buck."

He let him go after this and soon quit his job as a bounty hunter, to follow his original dream of becoming the Pirate King. He spent the next two years of his life, under rigorous training to make himself strong enough to contend with even the biggest cronies, many thinking he was just getting stronger so he could go after bigger pirate heads, but in reality he was getting stronger than he ever was.

Pirate Days Edit

Red now spends his days as a pirate described in the events of the fanfiction, Changing Tides: Pirate Wars, where he encounters deadly foes, the Monkey family, and many great adventures!

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