Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type A+
Birthdate March 3rd
Height 6'5
Weight 230
Island of Origin Lougetown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Kagepiero


Crew Boogie Pirate
Position Swordsman
Family None
Bounty 444,444,444
Dream To make people laugh

CrEwZ is one of the swordsmen in the Boogie Pirates. He has eaten the Shedo Shedo no Mi.

Appearance Edit

CrEwZ has pink hair and pure white eyes. He wears a white smiling mask to cover his scarred face. He wears a blue and white checkered top and black pants and shoes and wears white gloves. He wears a blue cape with a red scarf over his clothes. He has a black and white cap.

Personality Edit

He is a kind and caring man. He wan'ts to make kids laugh and is often shown giving Tricky and the twins candy quiet often. After beating an enemy he asks them if they have one last request before he kills them.

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

He has a great relationship with his crew.

D.O. Gray Edit

He tries to help his captain anyway he can. He decided to take care of any problem that the captain couldn't take care of for him.

Marines Edit

He is in a shichibukai's crew and as such has to go when the Marines call for him. He doesn't really care for them.

Abilities Edit

CrEwZ is an adept swordsman and has eaten the Shedo Shedo no Mi a logia type devil fruit. He uses a rapier in battle and is a speed fighter.

Devil Fruit Edit

CrEwZ has eaten the Shedo Shedo no Mi a Logia-type devil fruit. Unlike other Logia-type devil fruit it also allows the consumer the ability to mend with shadows and travel through them. The main power of this fruit is allowing the consumer to make, become, and control shadows. His own use of it's special property is to hide in his captain's shadow to protect him from sneak attacks.

Weapon Edit

CrEwZ uses a rapier in battle. The rapier has a very decorative handguard and pommel.

Weaknesses Edit

He has the standard devil fruit weakness.A major weakness about this devil fruit is that it only works when it is dark. Another weakness is that he'd have to be touching the person's shadow to use it against them.

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