Crescent Dagger
Owner: Chrisanthia Hopkins
Price: Bsymbol?
Japanese Title: Unknown
Debut: Chapter 4  of Pirates!
Other Chronology
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The  is a dagger owned by Chrisanthia Hopkins and is the weapon which gave her her nickname.


The dagger has no real special abilities other then its strangely shaped blade. The entire weapon, from handle to the tip of the blade is curved, resembling a Crescent Moon, and can do a fair amount of damage depending on how it is held and used. It has a diamond edge, thus is extremely sharp. It can be used to parry, but there is always a chance that Chris will get cut by doing so.

Primary Hold: Chris holds the dagger so that it curves around her wrist, very much like brass knuckles. In this hold, the weapon is typically used for a quick swipe or to add slashing force to a punch. It is Chris' usual hold when using the weapon.

Secondary Hold - Claw: Chris holds the dagger between her middle and ring fingers, the handle curling with her fist and the blade sticking out like a cat's claw. Another she uses when punching, however, this one has penetrating force, and is extremely dangerous, as the blade not only stabs, but curves in the body to increase the damage.

Third Hold - Hook: Chris holds the dagger like a normal dagger, normally using it to hook onto people or objects to hold on or easily cut deeply into someone. This one is also very dangerous, if not more so then the Secondary Hold, as there is more pressure applied.


The Crescent Dagger is very small, therefore has limited range. Also, it cannot be thrown, as it would be useless.


The Crescent Dagger, as stated above, is curved, resembling a Crescent Moon. The handle is silver, the blade four inches long and accented with an extremely sharp diamond edge. It is small enough to be conceealed within Chris' hat, which she attached a built-in sheath to.


No one knows the history of the Crescent Dagger, even its previous owner, Nikolai Iman, whom Chris stole it from when she was twelve. Chris, during the four years that she's possessed the dagger, has learned to use it well with expertise, and has never let i t out of her sight because of what she had to go through to get it.

View Chrisanthia Hopkins for more on the Crescent Dagger's history.

Trivia Edit

  • The Crescent Dagger is the only one of its kind, and although the exact price is unknown, it is worth a lot of money.
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