Crusher Pirates
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Main Ship

Giant's Fist,

Giant's Fist II

Jolly Roger Skull and crossbones with a top hat and a monocle, along with three spikes along the chin.
Base None
Captain Rudolf
Type Peace Maine
Crew Population More than 20
Total Bounty Bsymbol443,000,000

The Crusher Pirates are a band of pirates from the Grand Line consisting mostly of former slaves. They are a pirate crew in a currently unnamed story by TheShrubberyDemander. Their crew members could be considered... odd... to say the least, consisting of a dwarf, a giant and a fishman among others.

Main crew membersEdit

1. "Barbarian" Rudolf (captain) - Bsymbol193,000,000

2. "Giant Flail" Parker (first mate) - Bsymbol119,000,000

3. "Electric Soldier" Coronado (second mate/navigator) - Bsymbol74,000,000

4. "Technician" Turner (shipwright) - Bsymbol57,000,000

Crew StrengthEdit

Considering that 3 of the main crew members are capable of using Haki, two of them are a giant and a fishman, respectively, and that their captain ate a rare and powerful Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit, the crew could be considered very powerful.


The crew's main dream is to get to Raftel and find the legendary treasure One Piece. Along the way, Parker hopes to find the giant's home island of Elbaf so he can see where his parents grew up. Coronado hopes to find Jinbe and defeat him in hand to hand combat.

Locations Visited Edit

The crew has gone through the Sabaody Archipelago and Fishman Island into the New World, which they are currently exploring.


The name "Crusher Pirates" was chosen somewhat ironically as it clashes with the crew's overall appearance as gentlemen in fancy suits and top hats.

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