D.O Gray

Cain zpscfe4dcbd
Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O-
Birthdate March 1st
Height 6'1
Weight 225
Island of Origin Lougetown
Occupation Shichibukai
Epithet Boogieman

Clown King

Crew Boogie Pirates
Position Captain, Cook
Family Unknown Mother, Unknown Father, Ria Gray(Sister)
Bounty 555,555,555
Dream To become the Pirate King

D.O Gray is the captain of the Boogie Pirates and a Shichibukai. He consumed the Kyofu Kyofu no Mi.

Appearance Edit

Gray has red hair and has red eyes and black sclera given to him because of his devil fruit. He wears a black dress shirt with red stripes under a red vest. He has on many bracelets and rings and wears black pants with black shoes. He also has a tattoo around his neck. He is also seen smoking a black cigarette.

Personality Edit

Gray is a loud-mouth and arrogant. He has no emotions and is normally seen smiling and laughing at other peoples misfortune. He has been known to stop smiling and get serious when he knows that goofing off can get him killed.

Like most one piece characters he has his own unique laugh he shares this laugh with his sister: ShiShiShiShiShi

Relationships Edit

Crew Edit

He has a great relationship with his crew. They are willing to lay down their lives to protect him and he feels the same to all of them.

Marines Edit

He is a shichibukai and as such has to go when the Marines call for him. He doesn't really care for them but the only person he has ever been scared of is the Fleet Admiral.

Abilities Edit

He uses daggers and knives when he fight. He is also a great cook and is the cook for his crew. He is also a master at sleight of hand and can make a dagger appear out of seemingly nothing.

Haki Edit

He is known to be able to use Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki. He can also use Haoshoku Haki as well.

Devil Fruit Edit

Gray has eaten the Fear Fear fruit a Paramecia Devil Fruit. The Devil Fruit can control the victim's fears, driving the victim in a controlled nightmare or daydream where all fears are in the fruit's user's control. Additionally, the fruit grants it's user the ability to peek in their victim's deepest memories and anything they gather can be manifested in the illusion they create. The fruit can also effect the victim's mind and even indulce coma.

Weakness Edit

The devil fruit has the standard devil fruit weakness and if the victim is strong-minded they may be able to resist the fear it induces.

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