Dante Black is one of the two second mates of the vain pirates.He is also one of the two swordsman of the crew.

Dante Black

Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human
Blood type O+
Birthdate 7/12
Height 6'3
Weight 175
Island of Origin Unknown
Occupation Pirate
Epithet Dark Priest
Crew Vain Pirates
Position Second Mate, Swordsman
Family Logeth Black(Father)

Unknown Mother(Deceased)

Lauran Black(Sister)

Father McNally(Adoptive Father)

Bounty 45,000,000
Dream To share the word of god

Appearance Edit

Dante has black hair and black eyes. He is a lean man with some muscle. He also wears a black leather trench coat with short sleeves and black leather pants, boots and gloves. He also wears a black shirt underneath his coat and a gold cross.

Personality Edit

Dante is an easygoing man who likes to take life one step at a time. He and Vivian get along well enough were he call her his little sister. He is extremely protective of her and won't hesitate to kill anyone who does her harm. He also doesn't like it when people talk down to the lord. In his village, he ran an orphanage. Dante doesn't like it when people calls him by his last name Black.

Relationships Edit

Ruger Rona Edit

Ruger and Dante are best friends. They grew up together and work well with each other. They often have sparring matches to see who is stronger. They are tied at 45-45. Ruger is the only person he allows to call him by his last name.

William Reiner Edit

Dante and William are close friends and grew up together. The often fish together and argue over who is the better fisher

Vivian Thomas Edit

Dante acts like Vivian's older brother. He is very protective of her and says he'll kill anyone who makes her cry. They grew up together and are very close.

Abilities Edit

Swordsmanship Edit

Dante is a swordsman who uses a katana. His swordsmanship is great enough were he can cut through steel with ease. He doesn't have a name for his sword and doesn't know how it came into his possesion.

Weapons Edit

He carries a Katana with a black pommel and a black scabbard

Dante also carries a bible around and reads it in combat if the opponent is weak. His bible cover is made of steel so he can use it as a shield of sorts.

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