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Death Pirates

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Main Ship The Black Devils Fang
Jolly Roger A skull with a black hood on and glowing red eyes with a red glowing circled rune in the back
Base Shadows Grove
Captain Lucifer The Demon
Type Fleet
Crew Population Somewhere between 2100 and 2800
Total Bounty Bsymbol103330500000

The Death Pirates is a pirate fleet created and leaded by Lucifer The Demon. They started completly unknown but kept attracting attention and ascended to a wanted and revered status. Where they started is unknown, but their first visited location was Loguetown. They are at present time in The New World.

Main Crew MembersEdit

  1. Lucifer The Demon (Fleet-Captain) - Bsymbol666,000,000
  2. Mist-man Gabriell (Fleet Vice-captain) - Bsymbol350,000,000
  3. Air-pusher Marco (1st Division Captain) - Bsymbol300,000,000
  4. Mugzu the Undestroyable (2nd Division Captain) - Bsymbol287,000,000
  5. Masamune-master Sephiroth (3rd Division Captain) - Bsymbol258,000,000
  6. Steel-assassin Disjho (4th Division Captain) - Bsymbol235,000,000
  7. Spike-lady Laura (5th Division Captain) - Bsymbol200,000,000
  8. Flail-master Jake (6th Division Captain) - Bsymbol187,000,000
  9. Souba-master Kailan (7th Division Captain) - Bsymbol160,000,000
  10. Sprinter-man Kuro (1st Division Vice-captain) - Bsymbol140,000,000
  11. Chold Johnson of Freezing (2nd Division Vice-captain) - Bsymbol125,000,000
  12. Reinko Hak (3rd Division Vice-captain) - Bsymbol111,000,000
  13. Bosco the Jaguar (4th Division Vice-captain) - Bsymbol102,000,000
  14. Mirrage-lady Jane (5th Division Vice-captain) - Bsymbol83,000,000
  15. Spear-master Tom (6th Division Vice-captain) - Bsymbol76,000,000
  16. Sniper Crog (7th Division Vice-captain) - Bsymbol50,000,000

Crew StrengthEdit

The strength of the crew is undoubtable, having lost only a very few fights. They are very coordinated and knows eachothers strengths and weaknesses and uses/helps eachothers with these. They have been labeled one of the deadliest pirates crews in the first part of the Grand Line, Paradise . Many of the notable pirates in the crew are devil fruit users, making them even more dangerous. They regularely fight with the Navy's admirals and vice-admirals, namely Corvo's ships and Ilumi's ships.

Each Division captain have their own ship and have 2 smaller ships under their command, making them capable of wrecking havoc in several places at once.


The Known goals for the Death Pirates are to conquer The Grand Line and to obtain One Piece as well to just live as they want to. One of their most important goals is to protect and save their family and friends (the crew).


  • The Death Pirates got their name after they defeated 9 navy warships commanded by Vice-admiral Corvo Rock-fist. Navy Headquarters labeled the pirate crew after Corvo returned as the only survivor, even though he was nearly dead himself.
  • Every pirate in the Death Pirates has the Death Rune somewhere on their body. Most of them also sport a black hood.

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