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Devil Tree Lucifer is the colossal tree that producing all Devil Fruits that exist in One Piece Universe. It is one of the Three Mythical Trees, which is Treasure Tree Adam and Sunlight Tree Eve . The rumors said that the tree is the center of all evil and sin in One Piece Universe.


Devil Tree Lucifer is a huge massive tree that stand thousands feet high. Its vast canopy almost blocks off the sky of its area. The diameter is so huge that there's rumor which says that if the person runs around the tree, it will take a month for them to arrive at their starting point. Its root is very large and reaches all the way to the bottom of the sea.

The tree has three massive branches that that point out to the sea, covering miles of the ocean under it. Each branches point out to the different direction, which is East, Northwest and Southwest and has a different height and produced different types of Devil Fruit. The lowest branch pointed to the east is named Human's Sin which produces a Paramecia type Devil Fruit. The Northwest branch is named Beast's Sin and produces a Zoan type Devil Fruit. The highest branch which is pointed to the Southwest is called as Gods's Sin and prodiuces a Logia type Devil Fruit.

Fruit DevelopmentEdit

After a person who have a Devil Fruit power dies, the devil that possessed them will return to the tree and the development of the new Devil Fruit will started. For example, if Luffy died, the devil of Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit will return to the tree and the new Gomu Gomu no Mi will form. The matured fruit eventually will randomly scatters all over the world (like Dragon Balls). The development of Devil Fruit is different, varying to its types.

Type Time Length


10-15 years
Zoan 15-30 years
Logia 30++ years

Location Edit

Devil Tree Lucifer is located on tiny island within the Calm Belt in the New World. Due to its location, its understandable to think for no wind or storm will blow. Oddly, within the island where the Tree located, there's a constant storm and whirlpool so large within its climatic zone. You can imagine the situation, on the vast stillwater and windless surfaces of the Calm Belts, there a tiny area that having a vicious eternal storm like no human kind ever seen, within the Calm Belts.

Known Revived Devil FruitEdit

In the story The Pirate Legacy, there's several known Devil fruit that have been revived, proved by encountering a characters with the same Devil fruit's ability with some canon characters.

Paramecia :

  • Bomu Bomu no Mi : Eaten by Raven G. Zen. Formerly eaten by Mr.5. After his death by natural cause, new fruit was developed.


Not yet found.


  • Goro Goro no Mi : Eaten by Benjamin Edison. Formerly eaten by Enel. After his death, new fruit was developed. However, since the attachment of Enel with his power, some of his soul is absorbed by the Goro-Goro devil, resulting of multiple personality disorder-like symptom to Benjamin Edison.
  • Baiomasu Baiomasu no Mi : Eaten by Lucifer The Demon. The fruit was located inside the southwest branch, about halfway out. It took Lucifer 5 days to reach it. Legends tell about "a very rare, rumored-invincible Logia devil fruit inside the highest branch in the tree pulsating with evil", which is the Baiomasu Baiomasu no Mi fruit.

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