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A 10,000 year old lady living in the new world owned b Red Haired. She used to live among the Dragons. She ate a devil fruit passed through her family called the Wish Wish Fruit.


She has a fairy costume on and has green hair she looks like a 20 year old. Due to the power of her devil fruit that she can make 3 wishes every 100 years.


Her great great 25th grandfather found the wish wish fruit and every great grandchild the family gets they kill the devil fruit user and give to he or she. Due to that she killes all her childern with her wish to produce yellow flames that can burn anything. She is extremely powerful even lasting through 10 days of fighting against Whitebeard who won and rpped her head off but she wished to be immortal no matter what. She wanted to go to the war of the best but left stranded on a sland and couldn’t find her way there. She used to be a Admiral many years back but fired after she wished to kill any warlord that crossed her path. Wen Cool Samuels crossed her path he died 2 days later.


She is extremely powerful leaving her through a tough battle against Whiteeard. She has one child named MArco and she has been looking for him for a long time she fought whitebeard before she gave Marco to him.

She had many wishes only 2 to make her powerful enemy. She even killed Cool Drackuel Samuels leader of the Cool Beat pirates. He ate the devil fruit that Strecthmen Apoo ate 200 years later. She forced for him to become a warlord so he could be her allies and ended killing him.

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