​Diego CarmesiEdit

Diego Carmesi, commonly known as "Captain Pepper" and later known as "Diego Sleen Carmesi", is the Captain of the Diego Pirates and former cabin boy aboard Big Mom's main ship.


Diego is known all over the world as "that one pretty cabin boy" with his exotic looks. He has chocolate brown eyes and his hair is a mixture of darkbrown and darkred. He wears a teared open white shirt, black pants, a brown belt with gunholder and a belt over his rightshoulder in case he needs to carry something heavy on his back. He has a muscular built and is as tall as Dracule Mihawk .

​Devil FruitEdit

It has been revealed by Eve that Diego ate a Devil Fruit during his time as a cabin boy, but he doesn't know what fruit. He hasn't used it yet and isn't planning to do so. Due to this he can't swim and is weak to Seastone .


Diego's main style of fighting is American Boxing, literally knocking everyone he meets and doesn't like K.O. . When needed he also uses a gun.

  • Knock-Out: Diego's most used move. There's 80% chance the opponent is indeed K.O. after receiving Diego's punch.
  • Super Knock-Out: Used against stronger opponents, Diego delivers 3 Knock-Outs to bring his opponent down.
  • Observation Haki: Diego is able to use Observation Haki and use it to his advantage. His Haki is on the same level as Sanji's
  • Moderate Marksman skills: When needed, Diego can handle a pistol and aim good enough to hit his opponent. Diego isn't fond of using this however.
  • Extreme aggression: Diego is shown to be very hot-headed when things don't go his way. His hair turns bright red while being angry which earned him the nickname "Captain Pepper". The angrier he gets, the more effective his Knock-Outs become.


​Eve SleenEdit

Eve is the First Mate of the Diego Pirates and Diego's closest friend. They both come from Sleen Kingdom and he came across her while she was exploring the islands part of the kingdom. They show to be very close in the beginning and somewhere before the timeskip start a relationship. Diego started calling himself ​"Diego Sleen Carmesi" ​and promised Eve to marry her after he becomes the Pirate King.

Michelangelo "Mike" BrinEdit

Mike is the shipwright of the Diego Pirates and used to be Diego's rival for Eve's love. After finding a new affection, the two of them become like brothers, with Mike being the older and responisable one. Mike cares greatly for Diego's hot-headed nature and is usually the one to calm him down.

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