Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood type B-
Birthdate March 5th
Height 5'6
Weight 145
Island of Origin Lougetown
Occupation Pirate
Ephitet DollFace
Crew Boogie Pirates
Position Doctor
Family ClownFace-Brother
Bounty 222,222,222
Dream To make people laugh

DollFace is one of the two doctors on the Boogie Pirates Ship along with her brother.

Appearance Edit

DollFace has purple and red and blue colored eyes like her brother. She wears a white shirt like her brother and a Jester hat Like it as well the only difference is that she wears a cat mask as well.

Personality Edit

Dollface is outgoing and hyperactive and confident about herself. Tends to try and make her brother do things he's scared of. She is a good doctor and likes to help people in her crew. She likes to talk to her brother and they get along really well.

Relationships Edit

ClownFace Edit

DollFace and ClownFace are twins and share many traits. They are each other's best friend.

Crew Edit

She gets along with the rest of the crew fine. She likes to help and tease them. She is scared of CrEwZ.

Abilities Edit

DollFace is an adept doctor and is able to patch up everyone on the crew fairly well. She isn't a combat fighter and is normally seen on the sidelines with her brother.

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