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Height:6ft 9Gender:male Crew:new gen flamingos Bounty:600,000,000 Devil fruit:kaze kaze no mi(air air fruit)


Donquixote Riptide, mostly known as Flamingo jr is the leader of the new generation Donquixote pirates.He became leader when he betrayed and killed his father Donquixote Flamingo. Neither did he know that flamingo was still alive, until his father teamed up with the capt kidd pirates in an all out war against the new generation flamingo pirates.

Appearance Edit

Donquixote Riptide (flamingo jr) is a tall teen with blonde hair and glasses just like his father.He wears a white shirt platted with pink hearts and a dark purple coat hangs from his shoulders.Riptide is usually shown smoking .

Personality Edit

Riptide is a psychopathic teen that loves nothing more than to take the life of others.laughing at nearly everything riptide shows no emotions of anger,hate, or sadness.He spends his time destroyng villages and torturing pirate prisoners.

Weapons Edit

As a pirate riptide carries a 9.9 flint lock pistol that is always hidden under his shirt.Riptides most famous weapons are his cigars.His cigars are loaded with phoenix gun powder which only he owns.The phoenix gun powdered cigars explode when riptide uses his kaze kaze fruit to slick them in half

Devil Fruit Edit

Riptide has a devil fruit called the kaze kaze fruit.Meaning eir air fruit.This fruit enables him to controll all air around him.With his devil fruit riptide can create tornados,thunderstorms,fly,use the wind to slice through opponents,teleport and even contoll the earth on some occasion

Relation Ships Edit


Corazon(grand father)


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