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Age- 115
Gender- Male
Species- Giant
Blood type- F+
Birthdate- Unknown
Height- 50ft (sitting)
Weight- Unknown
Island of Origin- Grand Line
Occupation- Member of the Zodiac faction
Epithet- None
Crew- None
Position- King
Family- Unknown
Bounty- None
Dream- None

Being of the giant race, Doreah poses an intimidating figure with his size, even though he is always sitting on his throne.  Being a King, he wears a classic royal purple robe with a large golden crown and medallions.  He has blue eyes and golden blonde hair with a long mustache and beard that is tied together into a long braid.


Doreah is a tyrant that believes in ruling everything with an iron fist.  He takes pleasure in the pain of others.  One of his favorite things is kidnapping people and forcing them to fight eachother or his own creations.  Those he takes particular interest in, Doreah will imprison in his room like pets for his own personal amusement.

Fighting StyleEdit

Doreah has no fighting style, prefering to have others fight for him.  But he is still a giant with incredible strength.


Doreah has connections with others in power, the one that stuck out the most in this respect was his relationship with the Shichibukai, Donflamingo.  This in part as they shared many similarities in both personality and tastes.

His only personal relationships are with Fiora and Mondo, his two bodyguards that he gave sentience to.  They love him without question as he gave them life and are his siblings, to which has only lightly touched on during the arc.

A/N: Battle Cove's Coliseum/toy theme were before the manga arc came out so it was my idea.


Doreah's past was a very tragic one.  As a young giant, he was taken from his home and sold to a family of Tenryubito because their child wanted a brother.  Doreah tried many times to escape, but was always captured and beaten.  This ended once the tenryubito had a doctor surgically sever the tendons behind his knees, forcing him to forever crawl on the ground.  He suffered their ill treatment for more than a hundred years, being the sibling to every new generation.  Before his escape due to Fisher Tiger's rampage, his newest brother gave him a the Myou-Myou no mi for amusement to see what it did.  Not getting the amusement he wanted, he broke many of Doreah's toys and models.  

After Doreah escaped, he used his powers to build an army and amassed power rapidly in order to never be a slave again.  This caught the eye of Mr. X, who offered him a place within the Zodiac Faction.  Which Doreah accepted as a means to gain more power.

After a hundred years of torment, Doreah developed a kind of stockholm syndrome in which he treats his victims as he was treated by the Tenryubito.



Doreah has a unique laugh like others in One Piece.  Gugugugugu.  This laughter is based on a baby's laugh as he is mentaly very much like a child.

A/N: Battle Cove's Coliseum/toy theme was before the manga arc came out so I brought it to life before Oda himself.

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